The Zoo Ball


                                                 By Megan McKinney 


It was a perfect second Friday night in July—beautiful weather for entertaining 700 guests while honoring the Chilean flamingo and raising nearly $1 million.

These were all achievements of members of The Women’s Board of the Lincoln Park Zoo during an evening of pink and feathers. The impressive money raised will help continue “providing a zoo experience that is free and accessible to all 365 days a year.” 

The evening’s leaders were Women’s Board President Mary Pearlman and A Feathered Affair Co-chairs Bonnie Kaufman and Ela Lewis.

Enjoying Lincoln Park’s gentle breezes before dinner were Chairman of the Lincoln Park Zoo Board Biff Bowman and Zoo President and CEO Kevin Bell. They were surrounded by others who also relished the zoo’s glorious outdoors during the early part of the evening.

Christopher Randolph and Sarah Beardsley

Rita and Craig Lashmet. Rita is a member of the sponsoring Women’s Board.

Charlie and Caroline Huebner. Caroline is a former Women’s Board President.

Jason Brett and Lauren Streicher

Women’s Board President Mary Pearlman and Gale Gottlieb

Jennifer Jones and Buck Betten

John Herbert and Katie Stevens

Justine and Michael Whiteside

Barb Malott Kizzah and Keith Kizzah

Donna and Tom Daniels

Jim and Charlotte Monhart

Kurt Bonatz and Kim Rice

Joseph and Jacee Trpik

Michael and Janet Halpin

Erick and Krista Coan

Greg an Krista Leofanti

Mary Jo and Robert Fasan

Cindy and Dave Polayes

2020 Zoo Ball Co-chairs Beth Kies, Bridget Campbell and Carrie Parr  invite you to return on the second Friday of July next year.


Photo Credit:

John Reilly Photography

Kyle Flubacker Photography

Robert Carl Photography