Santa Barbara

By Nick Wilder



I have always thought that March is a good time to get out of Chicago. In years past my wife, Keven, and I have escaped to Mexico, Antigua, and Jamaica. However, with the uncertainties of travel during the era of Covid, we decided to stay in this country this year. We have visited friends who live near Santa Barbara and enjoyed the temperate climate; so we decided to rent a house there for a month. Our house had a beautiful view overlooking the old mission and Santa Cruz Island in the distance. Our favorite neighborhood was around the harbor.  A walk to the end of the pier was a great way to watch sailors, paddleboarders, sea lions, seals, pelicans, and the occasional grey whale feeding on the seafloor. Every day we played golf or tennis, rented a sailboat or kayak, and spent one-day whale watching. We had houseguests and Keven found a community of Chicagoans and political activists who we joined for meals or drinks in the evening. I enjoyed taking photos particularly around the harbor and at the lively farmer’s market.

View of Mission from our deck

Heading to the starting line

The race is on

What Sign?




Sea lions relaxing on a bell buoy

The Majestic Princess anchors off the beach

Santa Barbarans take their dogs everywhere

North of town

Railroad tracks run through the Rosewood Hotel property


At the Sandpiper golf course


At the farmer’s market

Keven backs a busker at the farmer’s market