The Dogs of Lake Shore Park

By Adrian Foster


Janet Diederichs at the Lake Shore Park with Mica

Every morning just after dawn the dog parade to Lake Shore Park begins.  Trailed by their masters, the canines appear to mirror their owner’s demeanor.  There are haughty dogs, stately canines, mopey critters, those that bare their formidable teeth, some carried like royalty in baby strollers and the fashionistas dressed with colorful sweaters, booties and even hats.  These seem embarrassed looking balefully at pedestrians as if to say, “Sorry, this is not my choice.”  One couple appear to channel the boulevardier Maurice Chevalier bowing to an imaginary crowd on the Champs Elysees. 

Once in the park owners remove the leashes to let their charges frolic in a big open field. The dogs are very selective in choosing an appropriate grassy place to relieve themselves.  Once that is accomplished, it’s time to play with other animals.  They start by checking out their mates’ hind quarters.  If they approve after copious amounts of sniffing, they start to play. The miniatures invariably take on the mastiffs who look almost as big as horses. 

My favorite is a frisky fellow who loves to play endless games of catch.  He sometimes shows off by retrieving the ball in mid air. 

However no dog can match the achievements of a miniature rat terrier that proudly bobs and weaves along on three legs, looking as though he owns the park.  For just a moment he does. 

Summer 2023