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Winter Weddings

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This candle-lined aisle creates the perfect ambience for a New Year’s Eve Wedding.

By Mana Discekici

It is very apparent that I have a big love for the wedding industry. They say wedding seasons come and go but best time to celebrate a wedding is only in the summer. That is not true! Wedding season is all year round, especially when you live in Chicago. Winter weddings are beautiful and they have become much more popular in the wedding industry.



Having worked various kinds of weddings, there are many things I learned about budgeting specifically for a winter wedding and why people should consider winter weddings more often than summer or spring weddings. I have held many internships with different wedding companies in the Chicago area, but the best, most influential and inspiring internship was at Bliss Weddings & Events & Wrap It Up Parties. My mentors showed me how to make a wedding beautiful and memorable no matter the season or the budget.



Personally, I think winter weddings have absolutely the best décor of all the seasons. The white, ivory and gold taste makes a wedding reception look clean and simple, yet tasteful. Not to mention, the pictures of the bride and groom are absolutely gorgeous when it comes to photo shoots in the winter snow.



When we show planning couples examples of previous weddings in different seasons, the bride-to-be is always in love the winter photo shoots. The winter season can also be a more affordable option for the dream wedding you have in mind. Venues around Chicago are most expensive during the summer season as that is when most people tend to get married. The good thing about having a winter wedding is that you can have simple white or red flower with tons of lights and candles and the whole room will look beautiful, all without much effort put into decorating it.


This candle-lined aisle creates the perfect ambience for a New Year’s Eve Wedding.

As I have mentioned before, the biggest trend in winter weddings is dark red and white rose bouquets. The main goal for every bride is to make her reception sparkle with many lights and candles. Nowadays, it’s very common for people to become engaged during the holidays; they feel it’s the most special time of the year. Oftentimes, couples want to celebrate their marriage at the same season during which they became engaged, and I don’t blame them! The truth is, you can make any wedding memorable no matter what season it is, but a glittery winter wedding is something no one will ever forget.


This gorgeous white, gold and fuchsia winter wedding reception truly makes your heart skip a beat!

A great website to find beautiful ideas at is Pinterest. I used Pinterest daily in an internship. It was a great way to connect with different wedding planning companies around Chicago and to share photographs of the weddings you have worked. I get wonderful ideas from this website and it showed me everything I could have imagined about how a winter wedding could look.