Woman in knitted white sweater

Sweater Weather







By Michelle Crowe



Winona Ryder by Steven Meisel for Vogue


With the fall social swirl in full swing, the simple joy of a beautiful sweater is a welcome sight for ballgown weary eyes. After all, nothing is better for a quiet afternoon with a book, movie night or Thanksgiving Day.

It may be slightly poor form to jump over one holiday in favor of another, but while Halloween may be the most fun fete, Thanksgiving is the day to which sweater girls look forward.


Claudia Schiffer launched a sweater collection with TSE in 2016.


American designers, with their sportwear roots, and the British, with their weather, are wonderfully reliable for knits that feel special and look timeless.

Nearly everyone is a bit of a patterned buyer when it comes to sweaters.

Some may have fallen for shrunken Shetland cables back in their boarding school days and the style still works decades later. 


Vintage Benetton.


Others were Benetton babies of the eighties and never outgrew a love of bold colors or over-sized shapes.


Timeless, timeless, timeless. Ali McGraw in a promotional photo for Love Story.


The most amazing among us keep their beautiful Scottish cashmere from decades ago wrapped in acid-free paper and stored on the shelves of cedar closets. These ladies make it all look easy when they toss one on with a pair of tweed trousers, jeans and a scarf or even a ball skirt. Because sometimes you need to keep that social swirl swinging, but you also need a dose of warmth and softness.


Inspired style at the Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary Show.


For combinations that are equal parts chic and cozy look to the glorious Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary show. I was lucky enough to be at the 35th anniversary show, where Anna Wintour’s son Charlie draped himself across the front row and Vera Wang – always fashion’s biggest fan – cheered wildly for the finale. Having only one or two photographer’s flashes fire as I walked in was slightly disheartening (although completely expected.) I did have a great outfit though, topped off by sleeveless camel turtleneck sweater.