Skirt the Issue


       By Michelle Crowe




Jean Harlow is synonymous with the bias cut.


Knee-deep in holiday lights and looking at the upcoming weeks of festive breakfasts, lunches and parties, thoughts naturally turn to planning showstopping ensembles for all those gilded (and treasured) invitations. Favorites come out of the closet and a bit of shopping must commence. After all, grabbing a slice of leftover pie for breakfast and shopping this weekend is an underrated thrill of the season – although a leisurely brunch at RL will also do quite nicely.

Understated Holiday Perfection from Ralph Lauren.


Enter the bias-cut skirt, a favorite that’s made a brilliant comeback – and just in time as far as we’re concerned. My favorite thing I ever wore to a holiday party was a gold silk satin bias-cut skirt from Brooks Brothers of all places. Not sure why I wandered into the button-downed emporium that day years ago, but so happy I did. Worn with a sleeveless camel cashmere turtleneck, sky high Manolos and a vintage faux fur bolero that I regret letting go. I felt part sporty Ralph Lauren girl, part slinky silver screen star.

Gigi Hadid does city chic noir.


That’s the genius of this particular bottom. The shape is so flattering and always plays well with others. Wearing a tweed blazer to lunch? Try a silk skirt instead of your usual wool trousers. An evening of party hopping? Put a perfect white shirt with your skirt and you can go anywhere in style. A vintage theme soiree? Anything cut on the bias feels just a bit retro glam.

Gwyneth Paltrow in a still from Great Expectations


Another plus is the climate-spanning perfection of the slip skirt. Donned here in Chicago with a Fair Isle sweater, it’s a cozy chic look. Tossed into monogrammed T. Anthony with a camisole, it’s ready for New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach.

Monochrome from Lemaire.


Enjoy the holidays and turn all heads with a little planning, a bit of shopping and a louche, lovely bias-cut skirt.