DIFFA/Chicago’s Art for Life


Artist Alex Puryear was busily at work during this year’s DIFFA/Chicago Art for Life, while those around him  happily nibbled, sipped, laughed and chatted.






By Megan McKinney


There was nothing stuffy about this gala. DIFFA/Chicago’s Art for Life is supported by artists and collectors who this year donated more than 80 pieces of art, which were exhibited in silent and live auctions throughout the evening.  It is this spirit of generosity, love of art and the wish to raise funds to benefit those whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS that distinguished the event.

Uh Oh, that’s not all that distinguished the evening. But, it was okay. “Off the Wall” artist Franklin Riley is a DIFFA/Chicago Board Member.

It may have been quirky, but Art for Life 2019, held at Venue West, raised $110,000 and sent successful bidders of works of art, as well as their donors, happily home following a delightfully convivial evening. 

DIFFA/Chicago Board Chaiman Todd Baisch

Hindman auctioneer Nick Coombs in action.

Up for bids.

 Potential bidders.

Sergio Gomez, a 2019 AFLC juror with DIFFA/Chicago Board Member Oliver Aguilar.

Sarah Raskey.

Isabella Scott

Kathleen Mitchell

Kim Winzeler

 Libby Gillen and Nicolette Brandstedt

Ruben Gonzalez and Mitchell Mox

Amanda Tribo and Tyler Offutt

Camila Remolina and Beth Nelso

Stephanie Fox, Clare Varney and Adam Miguest

Tim Manning, Kathleen Mitchell and Steven Abruzzo

Asia Gajderowicz and Marie el Monico

Eric Skinner and Martin Horner

Aschley Hopkins Yanda and Robert App

Lyn Harvie and Christine Gould

Rob Mancuso and Gail Mancuso

We began this report with Artist Alex Puryear working away on a painting at the Venue West wall. We leave it as he joins Michelle Puryear and others around them to enjoy the remainder of a delightful evening of happily nibbling, sipping, laughing, chatting—and bidding.

 Photo Credit:

Dove Photography