Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Celebrates Patient Art






The striking new Shirley Ryan AbilityLab served as a stunning setting for Art in Motion, the annual celebration of the courage and artistic abilities of its patients.

Motivated members of the hospital’s Associate Board attracted 300 guests for the show of 120 works by 26 patient artists. The light-filled temporary gallery reflected the AbilityLab’s signature sunny orange décor, serving as a backdrop for patients who described their original works of art.


Nicollette Khuans and Trisha Tesmer.

Nicollette Khuans and Trisha Tesmer chaired the animated evening where guests gathered around the mixed media works or enjoyed vistas of Lake Michigan from the wide balcony created for patients’ pleasure. Dr, Joanne Smith, under whose leadership the dream of creating a global source of science-driven breakthroughs in human ability under that rooftop has become reality, greeted guests and artists.


Shirley Ryan AbilityLab President and CEO, Joanne C. Smith, MD and Shannon Moore.

For 27 years the work and accomplishments of the hospital has won the recognition of being the number one center for rehabilitation in the country. The new building’s growing sense of possibility was felt by everyone there that special night.


Tony Seaman, Cariann Hughes, and Bill Fitzpatrick.


Daniel Kufer and Michele Lee.


Emma Daniels, Debbie Nutley, and Amy Daniels.


Kimberlee Lucchesi and Jessie Pinto.


Michael Khuans, Nicollette Khuans, Ken Khuans, and Collette Khuans.


Brian Dennen, Alison Cook, and Carmeanna Eberly.


Morris Silverman and Lori Komisar.


Michael Khuans and Christina Alexander.


Bob Angevin, Tony Seaman, Lori Seaman, and Kevin Hull.


Nancy Shaw and Jim Whiteside.