More Cabaret Caramba!

The return of Cabaret Caramba! Co-chairs Katie Hale and Mary Swift.





By Megan McKinney



Continuing Sunday’s coverage of Cabaret Caramba!—one segment wasn’t enough for all of the superb pictures. It was a wonderfully relaxed evening for seeing friends after the long lazy days of summer and before the seasonal parade of structured black-tie and white-tie galas and openings.

Following are more photographs of the more than 300 guests who attended, added to those featured in an extensive Classic Chicago layout on Sunday, October 1.


Woman’s Board members Neelie Fritz, Stuart Mesires and Beth Hughes.


Mary Dolan, Sheila Swift and Laura Luce.


Sarah Kelley and Dan Hayes.


Roger McEniry and Daniel Dolan.


Katie Hockman and Laura Baker.


Karen McEniry and Wendy Chronister.


Alexandra Thompson and Kate Rutledge.


 Co-chair Katie Hale with John Swift and Tim Hale.


Kristin Lelm at the keyboard.


Ilona Dewald.


Gray and Jodie McNally.


Renee and James Metcalf.


William and Adrianne Glenn.


Tracy and Justin Nolan.


Thomas McInerney and Genevieve Dolan.


Ginny Van Alyea and Jessica Nielsen.


Genevieve, Daniel and Caroline Dolan.


Ann and Alexandra Van Essen with Justine Gottshall.


Brian and Alex Singer.


Photo Credit:

Robin Subar Photography

Author Photo:

Robert F. Carl