October 2023



By Victoria Martin




Highlights for October


October 7-9 FORECAST Gathering the tribe could have an enhanced, broader meaning. ADVICE Ethnic kinship is one potential unifying factor. Others could be altruistic missions, cultural affinities or aesthetic preferences. Mars square Pluto

October 12-16 FORECAST This solar eclipse might present questions including: What did you learn about the immune system from the pandemic experience? Also ‘are you sophisticated–21st century-style– in media and socially?’ ADVICE Adopt vitality and fitness enhancers! Also, digital money and online communications savvy. New Moon Phase approaching a square Pluto contains a solar eclipse oct 14

October 27-29 FORECAST Success with an enterprise, expansion, and productivity depends on teamwork. ADVICE Solid sources and good products are ideally coupled with charm and commercial savvy. Mars opposed Jupiter

October 26-30 FORECAST Here’s a lucky range of options laid put. Or access to fortunate revelations regarding education, sports/games, and travel! ADVICE Extra optimism felt may be legit or the returns, feedback and results take a while to register them to confirm or deny. Full Moon Phase conjunct Jupiter a lunar eclipse Oct 28


Sunday, October 1  

5:30 PM – 11:30 PM CDT FORECAST Optimism is a goal/state easily sustainable today. ADVICE Adventurous travel and/or explorative, educational projects are favored. Moon Conjunct Jupiter


Monday, October 2

All Day FORECAST A mental/soulful focus on the earth, nature’s powers, and its manifestations registers as poignant. ADVICE It’s best to act with discipline and be fully engaged. Poets, musicians, and miscellaneous artists are inspired by dreams, symbolism, and spirituality. Dialog or interaction is key. Mercury Opposed Neptune


12 PM– 6 PM CDT FORECAST Elite communities and specialty groups feature leaders who are also peacemakers. ADVICE It’s smart to utilize arts and culture as well as social events to advance benevolent goals. Moon Square Venus


Tuesday, October 3

12 AM–6 AM CDT FORECAST Theatrical, poetic, or musical experiences are enriched by additions from proverbial wisdom. ADVICE Utilize teachings from experts and authority figures. Moon Square Saturn


Wednesday, October 4

7:30 AM-1:30 PM CDT FORECAST A small thought or joke takes wings. ADVICE Be strong, creative, and courageous. Moon Trine Mars


Thursday, October 5

6:30 AM– 12:30 PM CDT FORECAST A sampling of icons, jingles, and brands are offered to groups, communities, and clubs. ADVICE Engage in lots of discussions to assist the best possible choices that get/transmit a message. Moon Square Mercury


Friday, October 6

5:45 AM-11:45 AM CDT FORECAST The final cut regarding gains and losses could be a prompt to go with the winners. ADVICE A cool, even-tempered demeanor is best for decision making! Moon Square Sun  Last quarter moon



Saturday, October 7

9:30 AM– 3:30 PM CDT FORECAST A strong media presence—cultural, commercial, or political arenas — is desired. Popularity is lauded even though some of the tribe is questioning it. ADVICE Get help, support, and inspiration via first-hand experiences. Moon Square Mars


Sunday, October 8

All Day FORECAST Gathering the herd is helped by the use of branding, code, and technology. ADVICE Also, behavior adapted to the utmost sophistication is required. This does slow things down but it’s better than a reprimand. Mars Square Pluto


Monday, October 9

12:30 PM– 6:30 PM CDT FORECAST A leader’s charismatic; friendly attributes only goes so far. ADVICE To gain respect any instigator can demonstrate talents in technology, show purpose, and relate ties to elite groups. Moon Square Uranus


All Day FORECAST ‘Remote Viewing’ or psychic sense of past, current, and future settings is on the agenda. Hyper-empathy is ongoing. ADVICE Pristine objectivity and wide perspectives are qualifiers and calling cards. Moon in apogee  (FARTHEST FROM EARTH)


Tuesday, October 10

6 AM– 12 PM CDT FORECAST Different approaches to leadership are shown. To some degree, we’re harkening back to mid-August when the new moon dictated the use of many facets. Both radiant/and restrained posturing /respectful countenance will impact depending on the situation. ADVICE Show talents but also discipline, organization, and expertise. These traits stand out as good qualities. Moon opposed Saturn


8 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s a focus on politics, psychology, and sexuality. There are significant breakthroughs and revelations. ADVICE These can be incorporated into goals, aims, and aspirations. All are suitable for anticipating the solar eclipse on October 14 Wish List. Pluto is Stationary, resumes DIRECT (forward) motion


Wednesday, October 11 

7 AM-1 PM CDT FORECAST Lots of options are rushing to the forefront. Compass pointers are available. ADVICE Use soulful guidance, but also maximize luck. Moon Trine Jupiter



Tuesday, October 12

1 of 5 days FORECAST Using the big new trends in science is on the to-do list. There may be some research involved in terms of defining content. ADVICE Also advantageous is to find and/or join groups that support traditions yet also foster a benevolent future. New Moon Phase contains a solar eclipse Oct 14


Friday, October 13

1 AM CDT FORECAST It seems timely to reflect and tally up past deeds both in terms of the individual and community. ADVICE Getting a ‘Karma Score’ will assist in planning for the future. Moon at south Moon’s Node (Karma)


2nd of 5 days FORECAST ‘How much are the aims for new starts or progress expectations realistic?’ is the question. ADVICE It’s worthwhile to examine the remnants of history and factor in heritage to determine the gravitas in any given situation. New Moon PHASE CONTAINS a solar eclipse Oct 14

Saturday, October 14

1AM– 7 AM CDT FORECAST Noting signals and signs can assist in planning for longevity and survival. But there are distractions. ADVICE Keep the target goals in sharp focus. Improvise and be creative. Moon Conjunct Mercury


3rd of 5 days FORECAST There are great expectations, yet also a fair amount of stress and anxiety. Everyone attempts to add virtue to a situation and purify his or her inner beliefs. ADVICE It’s optimum to stand your ground yet be responsive to feedback.  New Moon Phase  contains a solar eclipse Oct 14


Sunday, October 15

7:30 AM– 1:30 PM CDT FORECAST Personal branding enhances odds for success and new outreach methods are worth testing. ADVICE Fashion and style supplement modesty and can also cover up vulnerable areas. A positive attitude shows itself via cheerfulness and generosity. Moon Conjunct Mars


4th of 5 days FORECAST The consensus vote is to remain at attention and build towards the benevolent future versions on everyone’s mind. ADVICE Standing on the shoulders of culture and history is a good place to be. New Moon Phase  contains a solar eclipse Oct 14


Monday, October 16

5th of 5 days FORECAST It’s an active day and a good/apropos time to show fitness and eligibility. ADVICE Do participate in groups that contain members with whom you share interests. New Moon Phase  contains a solar eclipse Oct 14


9 PM Monday – 3 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Surprise developments are in store and this invites everyone to draw on their skills and inner resources. ADVICE Aim to cover vulnerable points and increase unique/intrinsic traits as they suit you. Moon opposed Uranus


Tuesday, October 17

3:15 AM-9:15 AM CDT FORECAST Its easier than usual to improvise. However, we are all prone to exaggeration since conditions may seem better or worse than actual. ADVICE Attune to truth and shun narcissisms and intoxicants. Moon Trine Neptune


Wednesday, October 18

3:15 AM– 9:15 AM CDT FORECAST Raw ambition is active, but sweetened by acts of compassion. ADVICE Donate to a charity or dedicate your services to/for a worthy cause. Moon Square Venus


Tuesday, October 19

All Day FORECAST The emphasis on composing vivid messages or forming promotional kits is timely. ADVICE Use campaigns that are targeting apropos audiences, demographics, or cultural milieu. Sun Conjunct Mercury


Friday, October 20

1 PM-7 PM CDT FORECAST Genuine offers and opportunities emphasize happiness and cultural experiences. ADVICE Express gratitude and participate in creative projects. Especially favorable are social art forms; song and dance, for example, Moon Trine Venus


3:30 PM-9:30 PM CDT FORECAST Educational or travel options could lead the way to viable business or wisdom acquisitions. Jump on opportunities ASAP. A serious or mercenary mood is encroaching! Moon Trine Jupiter


Saturday, October 21

All Day FORECAST A way to characterize the current winners is that they have all the angles covered. ADVICE It makes sense to focus on what is truly important and ignore emerging trivia, even if it seems emotionally compelling. Sun Square Pluto


6:30 PM Saturday – 12:30 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Deep-rooted motives, drives, and urges emerge from the darkness. ADVICE Be aware of primal instincts: turf claims, mating, and survival. They may be understood intellectually but in a real sense they are potent influences and forceful contenders that supersede mental notions. Moon Conjunct Pluto


7:30 PM Saturday – 1: 30 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Poignant, distinct signs of victory or defeat emerge. Scores or omens direct useful action. ADVICE Use your gut instinct regarding your choice of trustworthy comrades! Then go with beneficial and/or remedial actions. Moon Square Sun first quarter moon is visible at the Sky’s zenith during sunset Fri, Sat & Sun


10 PM Saturday – 4 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Altruist missions include protecting children. ADVICE It makes sense to invoke support from the herd, tribe, clique, or club. Moon Square Mercury


Sunday, October 22

10:15 AM –4:15 PM CDT FORECAST Fully active wisdom is a requirement for entry to paradise! Philosophy training is a welcome addition to a beautiful or charming persona. ADVICE Building on attractiveness seems unnecessary or excessive, but it can ultimately facilitate a better outcome. Moon Square Mars


6:30 PM Sunday – 12:30 AM Monday CDT FORECAST Applied wisdom and healing mode adds mystique to any operation. Strategy fine-tuning– regarding intake and iconography– gets everything off to the right start. ADVICE Estimate operational needs, trajectory arc, and probable direction and/or future outcome. Moon Square Jupiter


Monday, October 23

11 AM– 5 PM CDT FORECAST Look for opportunity as a bridge to success. The most interesting ideas may not be the ones that will actually work! ADVICE Get popular, and/or solve the puzzles at hand. The brainiest people may not be attuned to instinct since they favor pure intellectual appeal. Moon Square Uranus


Tuesday, October 24

1:30 AM– 7:30 AM CDT FORECAST Here is a scenario favoring a serious and well-organized demeanor. ADVICE Use special mystique and add insights. Spectacular facts and ideas impart special appeal. Moon Conjunct Saturn


Wednesday, October 25

2 AM– 8 AM CDT FORECAST Empathetic teachers and healers cooperate toward a spiritual, mystic, or magical goal. These experts impart a sense of meaning and direction to followers and clients. ADVICE Experiments or improvisation in social scenes can facilitate solutions too. Moon opposed Venus


6:15 PM Wednesday – 12:15 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Imagination and empathy are extra strong. Vivid dreams and intuitive prompts will be tangible and possibly true. ADVICE It’s easier to glimpse the big picture, that is, to have a valid perspective. Avoid delusion and intoxicants. Moon Conjunct Neptune


All Day FORECAST Potent feelings are due to extra attunement that is body-based. Also, current events and interactions contain drama and the power to transform the situation. ADVICE Formulate a better plan to benefit all people concerned. Moon at Perigee (CLOSEST to Earth)


Thursday, October 26

1st of 5 days FORECAST Situations gain emotional intensity. People’s actions are more vivid than usual or have a transformational effect. ADVICE It’s possible to outline and utilize the vast, rich resources that are available. Full Moon Phase contains a lunar eclipse on Oct 28


Friday, October 27

All Day FORECAST Satisfaction is generated, planning is targeted for the greater good, and mass well-being goals are accelerated. ADVICE Focus on benefits for humans close by and far away. Moon Conjunct North Node (Dharma)

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Today and for two more days there are events and reactions that could pose challenges for females. ADVICE Be sympathetic to those in a bad situation and seek solutions. Avoid areas where public discontent is likely to erupt. Full Moon Phase contains a lunar eclipse on Oct


1st of 3 days FORECAST Super positive traits will assist a good reputation, likability, and outreach skills. ADVICE Embrace the impulse towards enterprise. Mars opposed Jupiter


Saturday, October 28

12:15 AM– 6:15 AM CDT FORECAST Projects call for uniting groups, individuals, organizations, or factions advocating contrasting opinions. This is progressive but also creates drama. If skills or knowledge is complementary i.e. filling gaps in the other side then all is well. ADVICE If it’s a contest of strength, then there are likely to be some unhappy losers. Moon Square Pluto


2nd of 3 days FORECAST Marketing skills and salesmanship can be developed (on the spot) and used effectively. ADVICE Goals involving love or money increase exponentially. There are winners among the multi-talented especially those who work well in teams. Mars opposed Jupiter


3rd of 5 days FORECAST This is the peak day for decisions and output. Contestants might need to adjust attainment goals. ADVICE Adapt to the most enlightened premise and dip into the rich sources available. Full Moon Phase contains a lunar eclipse on Oct 28


All Day FORECAST Codified data or archived media is shown in the bright light. Designs incorporate talent and good fortune which are either hard to manifest or difficult to get. ADVICE Teamwork-friendly attitude and welcoming collaboration are helping mindsets. Mercury opposed Jupiter


10:30 PM Saturday – 4:30 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST The current winners utilize luck as it comes up and embrace the situation. A show of skills and confidence is optimal. ADVICE Those who are poised and ready will benefit when opportunities come along. Moon Conjunct Jupiter


10 PM Saturday – 4 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Access to rich sources– and a sense of the exotic –works as a draw and colors the pitch and sales technique. ADVICE Do as much outreach as possible. Use keywords and images that are appealing and easy to assimilate. Moon opposed Mercury


11:30 PM Saturday – 5:30 Sunday AM CDT FORECAST Here’s a detailed list or apt demonstration that includes an event interfacing opposing views. ADVICE The synthesis can be physical or conceptual.  Most likely it will result in a highly energized situation. Moon opposed Mars


Sunday, October 29 

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Manifesting motivations are at high-level potency. ADVICE There are many products and projects now aiming to be winners. The supply numbers could match or exceed market demand. Mars opposed Jupiter


4th of 5 days FORECAST Here is a time for sacrifices/offloading of unneeded stuff and/or a call for updates. Going upward onto beneficial options is favored. Some situations will test character. ADVICE The best bet is to be courageous, confident, and noble. Alternately, keep it simple and/or be stoic i.e. a good sport. Full Moon Phase (contained a lunar eclipse Oct 28)


All Day FORECAST Expect active discussions that resemble debates. ADVICE The masters of analysis and rhetoric appear to win at least for now. However, keep your eye on the truth as well. Mercury Conjunct Mars


4:30 PM– 10:30 PM CDT FORECAST Elite groups, skilled workers, and other assemblies of people with close ties are currently active. Their products and progress report are worth tracking. ADVICE Some odd behavior is okay–even expected–but it should result in positive output. Moon Conjunct Uranus


Monday, October 30

8 AM– 2 PM CDT FORECAST Heroic goals and projects can use tradition or add meaning to heritage mystique. ADVICE Get tips from legendary, wise VIPs and other respected personalities. Moon Square Saturn


5th of 5 days FORECAST Access to treasure or other magic tricks enriches ideas and boosts interests emerging now. ADVICE Derive truth from an exam on history/heritage. Use novelty reasoning and add your special formulae. Offers for social events and clubs or cults with special messages are worth a try. Full Moon Phase (contained a lunar eclipse Oct 28 )


Tuesday, October 31

All Day FORECAST Spontaneous conversations and affectionate outbursts could lead to true friendships. The power of invention manifests itself in projects, teams, or workplaces. ADVICE Take advantage of well-crafted enthusiasm or eccentricity. It will prompt popularity point gains.  Venus Trine Uranus


Wednesday, November 1

11:30 PM Tuesday – 5:30 AM Wednesday CDT FORECAST Female leaders, warriors, missionaries, and healers use special effects. Wardrobe, voice, and visuals employed as iconic signifiers work wonders. ADVICE Use style and fashion but add novelty! Also, leadership is effective in terms of teaching us about how to access nature’s psychologically healing powers … a dance in the rain for example. Moon Square Venus


4:30 AM– 10:30 AM CDT FORECAST Larger-than-life key leaders, hunters, and heroes are featured now. ADVICE Interact with these role models in person or as imagined dramatic characters in role-playing. Moon Square Neptune


Thursday, November 2

1st of 3 days FORECAST Fortunate partnerships and lucky social connections are offered. ADVICE Engage in social events whenever possible. This will open up new worlds of opportunity and adventure!  Sun opposed Jupiter


Friday, November 3

2nd of 3 days FORECAST There are many options offered, some could lead to good fortune. It’s a peak time of year for teamwork. ADVICE Engage in games, travel, or education to meet new people or yield maximum benefits. Sun opposed Jupiter


All Day FORECAST Grounding, settling, or foundation-building will work wonders or cure instability. An immersion into /download of nature’s power and glory is the finishing touch. ADVICE Media offerings or events stimulate growth or aim to enhance social success. Venus opposed Neptune


7:30 PM Friday – 1:30 AM Saturday CDT FORECAST Competitive people and assertive personalities get attention. ADVICE They have to work the media system to provide exposure or fame. Evidence of talent and productivity includes some sort of high-level status as an entry point. Moon opposed Pluto


All Day FORECAST We are all zeroing in on what factors compose a paradise scenario. Making it happen or how to sustain a utopian community is desired. ADVICE Some votes are likely to be support for moral leaders and individual/citizen’s best behavior. Unifying interests could also help. Saturn is Stationary, and resumes DIRECT (forward) motion  


 Saturday, November 

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Here’s another installment for joyous life enhancements/ additions. ADVICE Participate in bountiful events and share happiness. Appreciate what is working in life. Sun opposed Jupiter


All Day FORECAST Cures appear as an add-on to healthy habits. Instinct intensifications are on the to-do list. ADVICE Magical-like tricks and animal totems create attention or focus and may be catalytic in some way. They do tend to concretize individual service directives. Mercury opposed Uranus


6:45 PM Saturday – 12:45 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST A multitude of groups engaged in important tasks and divinely driven duties. Some folks distribute special gifts or games. ADVICE This is a unique time in festivals because important secrets of life are being taught and mysteries revealed. Moon Square Jupiter


Sunday, November 5  


2 AM–8 AM CST FORECAST Festivities display positive role models at the front lines in the show of success stories/pageants of celebrities. ADVICE Other traits like beauty, grace, and modesty are also praiseworthy. Moon Square SUN last quarter Moon will rise at midnight



Highlights November


November 10-12 FORECAST Surprise developments have a beneficial outcome due to instinctive responses. ADVICE Ingenious solutions and tricks of the trade emit a shamanic or magical-like quality. Mars Opposed Uranus

November 11-15 FORECAST There are challenges to science or technology; some could lead to alternate schemes. ADVICE Rebellion may not be necessary or progressive. To gain innovation truly/constructively use expert consultations, unique invention, and humorous social themes. New Moon Phase conjunct Mars opposed Uranus

November 24-26 FORECAST Allies are expected to perform above and beyond the call of duty! A shared mission adds passion and incentive. ADVICE Zealotry is operating at full force yet practical planning is a plus. Mars square Saturn  

November 25-29 FORECAST Heroic successes could be followed by delays or minor disappointments. ADVICE Be courageous and stoic. Full moons bring on excess sensitivity and that could clear in a few days. Otherwise take advantage of the extra time to perfect the situation! Full Moon Phase square Saturn


Highlights December


December 10-14 FORECAST High sensitivity or added complexities create a planner’s dilemma. ADVICE Focus on good intentions –with a bit of intrigue added—but maintain a wide spectrum view. New Moon Phase square Neptune

December 13- January 1 FORECAST An in-depth exam of what makes a place attractive or group scintillates could include intrigue. ADVICE Elements of good energy and aesthetics pair up with fascination and mystique to bring up attendance. Mercury Stationary on Dec 13 moves retrograde till Jan 1

December 20 FORECAST Outside the box thinking, heritage uploads, and life management are focal functions! ADVICE Fellowship and organizations play a key role. Luck is gained via participation in groups, clubs, cults, and communities! Jupiter stationary returns to direct motion @ 5* Taurus There is more use of attractive locations to be used as a draw or magnet

December 21 FORECAST There is a strong urgency to congregate! This is enhnced by use of use of attractive locations. Those favored are the ones percieved as a magnet or vortex. ADVICE It is instinctive to huddle. Togetherness is key to keep warm physically and emotionally! Go with social instincts. Winter solstice

December 24-28 FORECAST Showbiz treatments or enhancements increase a message’s appeal and lengthen viewer’s attention span. ADVICE Integrity of the idea is crucial and more effective if it can serve as a community-builder. Full Moon Phase

December 27-29 FORECAST The impulse towards sarcasm or stinging words is best refashioned as constructive or helpful, Comedians or critics are outspoken and controvercial. ADVICE Best to utilize remote scapgoats and mythic, fictional characters. Vent onto distant or absent personas to lessen the damage, Mars square Neptune 


Highlights January


January 9-13 FORECAST Planning is conducted with the utmost care, savvy sense. ADVICE Utilze all that the 21st century civilization has to offer. Combine all apropos traditions for mass appeal New Moon Phase

January 18-22 FORECAST Circumstances reveal what is normally hidden– but powerful—in people, places, and things. ADVICE This treasure hunt or bounty search is enhanced via altruistic motives. Gain help/support via demos of how the plan or project benefits others. Sun Conjunct Pluto

January 23-27 Busy events and a holiday for the work force could include teamwork incentives. A missed adventure or educational opportunities entre can get back on the list later. ADVICE Beware of over promising (excess generosity) or exaggeration. Extravagance is tempting now. Full Moon Phase square Jupiter


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