Christmas in a Nutshell

By Melissa Ann Quidang


It is the time of year when the wintery white wonders of snow and the shining lights adorn numerous houses and buildings. As the magical time of the year draws closer, family and friends scurry from one place to another to plan special events, games, and dinners. But, of course, with restrictions bumping up and down, Christmas is still a risky chance some people hesitate to take. So here are a few things you can do this Christmas with friends and family at home, outside, or virtually.

Bake Christmas Cookies:

Christmas cookies are a traditional, fun, and messy way to entertain kids and adults. Make various cookies like sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, or even a gingerbread house! Be prepared for some chaos if you are not used to baking or decorating sugary treats, but the reward and the fun are definitely worth your while.

Casey Chae

Put on a Christmas movie, or better yet, GO see a Christmas movie:

That’s right, movie theaters are and have been open for a while. In fact, it is their busiest time of the year! So, if you want to go see the newest movie out in theaters, then visit your local theater. Staying home is always an option. Streaming services have classic Christmas movies and even new movies for some variety. Snuggle at home with a heavy blanket and some comfy socks during the Holiday, it’s a different feeling to watch a movie during a special day. If you do not want to risk going into a crowded theater, drive-in theaters are becoming all the rage once again. Simply find a drive-in theater, park your car, turn your radio on to the specified station and watch the movie in the safety of your own car. Or brave the cold with some blankets and hot beverages and sit outside while blasting your radio to the movie station.

Samira Rahi

See the Lights:

When I was younger, my parents would drive by huge mansions with Christmas lights galore twinkling and blinking like little stars. An apartment complex placed their Christmas trees in front of the same window so that it looked like a single long tree that extended all the way up to the roof. It is always fun to see the hard work and determination people do to make their houses the brightest on the block. Go see brilliant and bright creativity with a quick drive around popular Christmas light spots.

For more information about seeing Christmas lights in Chicago, check out this website here.

Zoo Lights and Lincoln Park Zoo 2019

A Candy Cane Quest:

It is just like an Easter Egg Hunt, but with Candy Cane’s. Hide some special candy canes for the kids and have them put it in their own handcrafted Christmas socks. To make it even more thrilling, use Christmas songs as a timer and watch the children run around looking for the candy! Whoever wins gets the secret gift from Santa.

Maggie Riordan

Paint and Sip:

The year has been stressful, and if you need some relaxation, try paint and sip. Try doing it virtually with your friends, and enjoy the company you have. This activity has become popular over the past few years. There is no need to go to a painting class. Buy a blank canvas and test out your artistic ability by watching a few tutorials. A few sips of wine will help with the nerves.

Or, some websites have a paint-by-number canvas. It’s like a coloring book, but with paint. Choose a holiday-themed canvas or one that is to your liking. Paint within the correct number, and you’ll have a finished product!

My first paint-by-number

A Virtual Christmas Party:

If an in-person party is a little too risky, then a virtual one can be equally fun! Have your guests dress to impress with a holiday-themed party. Create a Christmas trivia game that each attendee can answer, or play some Christmas music in the background and have them guess the name. Race your friends to see who can finish a snowflake cut out first and vote on whose looks better. Anything is possible and safer!

Chris Montgomery