Zoobilee in Lincoln Park

                         Celebrating 150 Years


He is what it was all about. But while $1.2 million was being raised for his room and board through energetic, sometimes raucous, philanthropic activity, Sahar slept.





By Megan McKinney



It was a lucky Friday the 13th. Some animals showed off while others simply slept through the boisterous activity generated by the 2018 Lincoln Park Zoo Ball.

However, by the end of the evening, the event had produced $1.2 million—and that wasn’t the only notable number. The Ball, a significant Chicago event on the second Friday in July for 41 years, attracted a whopping 800 guests. Most amazing of all is that the zoo, currently celebrating its 150th anniversary, is only 31 years younger than the city itself.

Reigning over the evening were Caroline Huebner, President of the sponsoring Women’s Board of Lincoln Park Zoo and Ball Co-chairs Krista Coan and Allyson Pooley. They were joined by Lincoln Park Zoo President Kevin Bell and Zoo Board of Trustees Chairman Biff Bowman, who reign over the zoo every day.  

The setting, semi-surrounded by lions, tigers and bears, made an evening of the requisite drinks, silent auction, dinner, dancing and more drinks, special indeed. Jewell Events Catering, Erin McDonald Design and Ken Arlen Evolution Orchestra were the experts who ensured the evening’s perfection.

Yet, it is people who make a party, and the following images best convey why, year after year, the Lincoln Park Zoo is one Chicago’s most popular benefits.



Women’s Board President Caroline Huebner and Charlie Huebner.

Zoo Ball 2018 Co-chairs Krista Coan and Allyson Pooley.

Chairman, Lincoln Park Zoo Board of Trustees Biff Bowman and Lincoln Park Zoo President Kevin Bell. 

Todd and Kelli Schrade with Bonnie and Michael Kaufman.

Rob Levin and Bonnie Fong.

Liane Gonzalez and Scot Havrilla.

Mamie and Greg Case.

Eve Wasserman and Roger Hill.

John and Fran Edwardson with Laura and Bruce Linger.

Annie McDonnell and Abbie Allardt.

Molly Carroll and Laura Malec.

Matt and Bridget Campbell.

Elizabeth Pilgard, Trisha Vanhorn, Haley Rafferty and Erin Ward.

Jim McGuire and Adam Thomas.

Stefan and Martha Billen.

 Morris Gearring, Wendy Krimins, Cynthia Holbrook and Christopher Veski.

Jeff and Kim Urban with Jennifer and Patrick Keenan.

 Greg and Mary Pearlman.

Ela and Jonathan Lewis.  Ela, with Bonnie Kaufman below, will be  co-chair of next summer’s Zoo Ball

Next year’s Zoo Ball co-chair Bonnie Kaufman and Michael Kaufman.

 Eric and Colleen Mansell.

Matthew and Janet Halpin.

Jason Brett and Lauren Streicher.

Barbara Malott Kizziah and Keith Kizziah.

Connie Watkins and David Heinke.

Aaron Sceva and Chancé Cooper. 

John Ginascol and Denise Stefan Ginascol.


Photo Credit:

Robert Carl Photography

Alain Milotti Photography

John Reilly Photography