Union League Boys & Girls Clubs Gala







By Megan McKinney


Union League Boys & Girls Clubs Board President Thomas E. Payne is above with Nancy Ross, left, and Catherine Bernardi, Co-chairs of the November 5 Union League Boys & Girls Clubs 2022 Gala, Creating Chances in the Second City. The elegant black-tie evening began with a 6:00 pm cocktail reception in the Union League’s handsome Jackson Boulevard clubhouse and continued with dinner, auctions and a paddle raise, followed by dancing and dessert.


Co-chairs Catherine Bernardi and Nancy Ross greeted guests with a welcome. 

 Early guests enjoyed cocktails surrounded by a portion of the Union League’s famed art collection.

MC Ruben Lionel Plaza with Mary Ann Mahon-Huels, President & CEO of the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater Chicago Area

Union League Boys & Girls Clubs Secretary David Torres, left, with guests.

Union League Boys & Girls Clubs Trustee Celine Fitzgerald with her husband, Sean Bidzinski

Tim Rinkoski with his wife, Lynne, a Gala committee member.

Club member Jamal Barnes

The Fitzgerald Family, whose foundation was a Gala Sponsor. On the right are Trustee Celine Fitzgerald and her husband, Sean Bidzinski.

Board President Thomas Payne with Alexandra Nicholson.

The Filkins family

Some of those who made the 2022 Union League Boy & Girls Clubs Gala the success it was.

Gala Co-chair Nancy Ross, right, and friends during the glorious evening.

From beginning to end, it was a lovely evening.

An evening that grossed more than $560.000

Always surrounded by the marvelous art of the Union League collection

A bit of entertainment was provided by the Boys & Girls Chopin Club, located at Frederic Chopin Elementary School in the Humboldt Park Community


Photo Credit: Sonce Landa Photography