Michelle in Pink Dress

Think Inside the Boxy







By Michelle Crowe


Chanel Haute Couture, 1965. Forever perfect.


I’ve wanted to write a piece on boxy jackets since Town & Country did a fab one pager on pairing tweed, houndstooth and otherwise boldly fab versions with patterned blouses sometime in the fall of 2017. As we cover the enduring wardrobe elements to which we turn time and time again, it’s no surprise really that the idea lingered on in my ideas list until a few weeks ago when the brilliant style minds at Luxury Garage Sale posted a snap of the most tempting line-up of Chanel jackets since Karl sent supermodels down the runway in ice cream-colored suits circa 1994.


1994 Chanel RTW photographed for Vogue by Arthur Elgort.


To my eye, boxy jackets remain the ultimate third piece. Why? Endless versatility for one. When worn as part of a suit the effect is enviably chic. Pair one with jeans and you’re ready for a day of travel, meetings or shopping for more jackets.

It made news in 2007 when Maureen Chiquet was named global CEO of Chanel – after interviewing wearing jeans and a tweed jacket – Chanel, naturally.  It might still make news in 2019 if a woman interviewed for a global CEO role in jeans but that’s just fine. The jeans aren’t the thing, the jacket is. It is without question the sartorial embodiment of the adage “speak softly and carry a big stick.”


Influencer Alexandra Lapp does jacket and jeans exactly right.


We smile whenever we see a woman wearing one. For she is a woman who will do great things that day; secure the big donor, sign the contract or nail that CEO interview. The best part is taking in all the details—how each style star mixes, matches, and accessorizes her favorite staple.


An edgy take at Chanel, 2015.


It’s hard to imagine that any of these ever fail to spark joy in their owners but some must or LGS wouldn’t have any with which to tempt. Perhaps that’s why I’ll never commit fully to the Kon-Mari method. You’ll always find a Chanel jacket in the back of my closet, on a padded hanger, happily ensconced in a garment bag and patiently waiting to come out and wow once again.


Chanel, 1960, would look just as lovely this spring.