The Summer Ball: Chicago’s Original Gala


Megan Mosaics Photo  By Megan McKinney


Boys And Girls Club Of Chicago

From left: Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago President Mimi LeClair, Woman’s Board President Charlene Huang Olson and Summer Ball Co-Chairs Nancy Santi and Barb Speer.
If you notice a reflective motif running through their gowns, it is a tribute to the evening’s theme, Mirror Ball.


It was quite an evening. The Boys & Girls Clubs Summer Ball, Chicago’s most firmly entrenched black-tie event, was observing its 70th birthday, making it a major Chicago event before many others. Through the decades, the Ball has been variously held at Arlington Park Racetrack, The Aragon Ballroom and even United Center. But the 70th anniversary, titled Mirror Ball, was celebrated in possibly Chicago’s most traditional black-tie venue, the stately Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Chicago.

This was also the year the ladies of the Woman’s Board chose to honor seven of their members, whose combi­­­ned years of service total 267. The honorees—dubbed the Magnificent Seven—included some of the city’s most outstanding fundraisers: Renée Crown, Linda Gantz, Ellen O’Connor, Barbara Pearlman, Bonnie Stearns, Liz Stiffel and Jocelyn Stoller. Here they are—the first four photographed at this year’s Mirror Ball.


Rene Crown And Susan Crown

Renée Crown with her daughter Susan Crown..Photo Of Linda And Bill GantzLinda and Bill Gantz.

Ellen O'Connor Photo

Ellen O’Connor with her celebratory rose.

Jocelyn Stoller Dancing

Jocelyn Stoller on the dance floor…

Bonnie Stearns Profile Photo

Bonnie Stearns.

Barbara Pearlman Photo

Barbara Pearlman..

Liz Stiffel Wearing A Purple Dress

Liz Stiffel.Liz Sharpe Magnificent Guest

Liz Sharp was among the magnificent guests.

Photo Of Susan And Michael Canaman

As were Susan and Michael Canmann and many more to follow.

Photo Of Lenore And Doug Cameron

Lenore and Doug Cameron.

Photo Of David And Rosemary Matzl

David and Rosemary Matzl.

Susan And Rick Lenny Photo

Susan and Rick Lenny.

Alexandra and John Nichols Photo

Alexandra and John Nichols.

Photo Of Lisa And Emily Aronin

Lisa and Emily Aronin

Mark And Robin Tebbe Dressed Up

Mark and Robin Tebbe

Photo Of nn David And Thomas O’Neill

Ann David and Thomas O’Neill

Caroline And Charlie Huebner Dressed Up

Caroline and Charlie Huebner.

Photo Of Ruth Ann And Michael McGinnis.

Ruth Ann and Michael McGinnis.

Photo Of Barbara And Richard Metzler.

Barbara and Richard Metzler.

Photo Of Bob And Marletta Darnall.

Bob and Marletta Darnall.

Photo Of Laurie And James Bay.

Laurie and James Bay.

Debbie And Paul Abrahams Dressed Up

Debbie and Paul Abrahams.

Elizabeth And Lawrence Ryan Photo

Elizabeth and Lawrence Ryan.

Shelley and Bill Farley Photo

Shelley and Bill Farley.

Photo Of Kelly And John Ellsinger

Kelly and John Ellsinger.

Katie & J.R. Berger Photo

Katie & J.R. Berger.

Photo Of Jill And Lee Pollock

Jill and Lee Pollock.

Pat McGarvey and Robin Josephs Photo

Pat McGarvey and Robin Josephs.

Susan and Tom Pigott Photo Dressed Up

Susan and Tom Pigott


Photo Credit: 

Robert F. Carl

Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago