The Shining Star Ball

Patrick and Shirley Ryan

Patrick and Shirley Ryan.

An impressive assemblage of some of Chicago’s most philanthropic business leaders is responsible for much of the support for Clearbrook, an organization that provides personalized services throughout Northern Illinois to individuals with intellectual or developmental challenges.

The 28th annual Shining Star Ball at the Four Seasons Hotel drew many of these corporate honchos for an evening that began with cocktails and a silent auction in the spacious ballroom foyer. When the 350 guests moved into the ballroom, they were welcomed by the words of radio personality Roe Conn and music of Blackhawks tenor Jim Cornelison, who performed his rendition of the National Anthem.  An early highlight was the award presented to Ed and Dorothy Wehmer for their exemplary work in aiding children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The evening continued with an elegant Four Season dinner and dancing to the Dan Hayes Orchestra, interspersed with an impressive fund raising combination: a live auction, a reverse auction and the drawing for a $5,000 cash raffle prize. More than $1.3 million dollars was raised for Clearbrook’s varied services.


Radio personality, Roe Conn was emcee.

Roe Conn welcoming guests.

Jim Cornelison sings national anthem while Kevin Riley (left) and Joe O'Connor hold a flag made from decommisioned fire hoses.

Jim Cornelison sings the National Anthem while Kevin Riley, left, and Joe O’Connor hold a flag made from decommissioned fire hoses.

Shining Star Ball honorees, Ed and Dorothy Wehmer accept their award

Shining Star Ball honorees, Ed and Dorothy Wehmer accepting their award.

Clearbrook president Carl M. La Mell with with Clearbrook Chairman of the Board Frank ten Brink and Jeannine Cleary (1)

Clearbrook President Carl M. La Mell, with Clearbrook Chairman of the Board Frank ten Brink and Jeannine Cleary. 

(l-r) Andy McKenna and Carole & Gordon Segal

Andy McKenna, left, with Carole and Gordon Segal.

l-r Jessica Campobasso, Challen Stadler, Smantha Vick, Liz Higley, Geena Campobasso, and Mary Campobasso 2 (1)

Jessica Campobasso, Challen Stadler, Samantha Vick, Liz Higley, Geena Campobasso, and Mary Campobasso.

l-r Ghassan Abboud, Sandy Murad, Mj & Basel Tarabein

Ghassan Abboud and Sandy Murad, with Mj and Basel Tarabein.

Clearbrook Board member Gerry Fitzgerald with his wife Denise and daughter Celine

Clearbrook Board member Gerry Fitzgerald, with his wife, Denise, and daughter Celine.

Clearbrook Board Member Dave & Linda Riley

Clearbrook Board member Dave Riley and Linda Riley.


Photo Credit:

Robert F. Carl