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South African Safari: A Photo Essay

A visit to Southern Africa with Abercrombie & Kent. Begin in Johannesburg. Go north to see Victoria Falls from the Zambia and Zimbabwe sides; then west into Botswana and Namibia for game viewing, and finally south to Capetown and the Cape of Good Hope…

Armed with just his 5c iPhone camera, Michael Traynor tackles Southern Africa. 

This leopard is just lounging. It takes its kills into trees to eat in peace

Waterfalls everywhere you turn. Victoria Falls is the largest curtain of water on Earth. It sprays so hard, it rains upward on you.

The falls just keep coming, both on Zambia and Zimbabwe side

Victoria Falls from the air. That is entirely water spray.

A starter home in a Zimbabwe village.

Main street, zimbabwe village

The kids were really fun. I doubt they thought they were poor

A “bush break”. Man meets tree

Striking a majestic pose!

A powerful female lionness

The road. The vehicles have air snorkels so as to not stall out in water.

Ask any giraffe; the higher you go, the tastier the leaves become.

An African tale. the (endangered) African wild dogs trap an impala

Hi! I am bigger than you are, so there!

Open-air vehicles: no protections. We are neither food nor fear, and so ignored

Can’t see me!

Rhinos in Zambia, enjoying some tasty grass.

The gorgeous African environment

Impalas seem to know they are photogenic.

This may be the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!

Lions lounging around

Rare to see a full hippo grazing in broad daylight

Leaping around, loving life!

A lovely afternoon for some lions

At the cape of good hope, looking down at dangerous churning ocean

African penguins! who knew? rare and endangered, of course.

The Cape is beautiful. Five distinct biospheres in one area.

Me at the Cape of Good Hope. A big deal!