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Astrologer’s Almanac October 31- November 7~Maltese Cross Cuffs that Verdura designed for Chanel




By Victoria Martin  viccimartin@gmail.com

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead

Inspired by the original Maltese Cross Cuffs that Verdura designed for Chanel in the 1930s, the Theodora Cuff @verdurajewelry was created for Verdura’s 75th Anniversary as a special limited series of 200, each cuff signed and numbered.

Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

 October 31-November 7, 2021

Highlights for late Oct early Nov 

October 29-31FORECAST Here is an impulse to turn away from popularity goals and move onto healing and wisdom preferences. ADVICE Good choices depend on which authority is utilized. A future with dignity is a good creed.

Sun Square Saturn

November 2-6 FORECAST Taking science and miscellaneous innovations to the next step resonates with current missions. ADVICE Commercial and legal considerations come as the plan or invention coalesces!

New Moon phase in the Scales Constellation  opposite Uranus 

                                                              Sunday, October 31                                                                      

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Conflicts between dynamic, showy proposals and more reliable traditional behaviors have some folks temporarily frozen. ADVICE. Compromise indicates it is smart to use some of each: creative talents and organization skills.

Sun Square Saturn 

10:30 AM– 4:30 PM EDT FORECAST Social workers and human rights advocates access media and material resources. ADVICE Do move to capture trends and timing. Spontaneity works well or experiments facilitate creativity. Give yourself lots of freedom.

Moon Trine Uranus

All day FORECAST Brainstorms and fruitful discoveries benefit education and optimism. Cultivate a great sense of enterprise. ADVICE Use praise and questions in conversations. They are wonderful catalysts now.

Mercury Trine Jupiter

12 AM–6 AM EDT FORECAST Strong psychic impressions mutual sharing, become confessions or complaints; both/all are on the agenda. This bearing of the soul can either strengthen relations or dissolve them. ADVICE It takes a skilled facilitator to bring the best out of group therapy. Avoid amateurs in this regard/realm.

Moon Opposed Neptune

6:45 AM–12:45 PM EDT FORECAST Reveling in nature’s glory and or religious ceremonies and spiritual celebrations are offered. ADVICE Friendly groups and welcoming programs may net gain converts, or social power.

Moon  Trine Pluto

Monday, November 1

12 AM–6 AM EDT FORECAST Strong psychic impressions mutual sharing, become confessions or complaints; both/all are on the agenda. This bearing of the soul can either strengthen relations or dissolve them. ADVICE It takes a skilled facilitator to bring the best out of group therapy. Avoid amateurs in this regard/realm.

Moon Opposed Neptune

6:45 AM–12:45 PM EDT FORECAST Reveling in nature’s glory and or religious ceremonies and spiritual celebrations are offered. ADVICE Friendly groups and welcoming programs may net gain converts, or social power.

Moon  Trine Pluto

11 AM– 4 PM EDT FORECAST Bringing celebrations ceremony or ritual elements to a new center or place is the appropriate activity now. ADVICE This may require a revamped game plan once feedback indicates the group’s favored choices.

Moon Square Venus

Tuesday, November 2

All day FORECAST Status quo high culture or established new science rebels against 21st Century code. ADVICE Some assets from arts or medicine transfer nicely to modern customs. Others need a makeover for example info updates

Mercury Square Pluto

First of five days FORECAST Planning ahead is assisted by commercial and/or legal jobs. ADVICE If you have the instincts for both then go ahead and plan according to your skillset and instant. If you need help in those areas, ask an expert.

New Moon  Phase

4:30 AM–10:30 AM EDT FORECAST Charm and inability to predict the future are priced. ADVICEAuthorities will back normal etiquette and forecasting methods that are well known.

Moon Trine Saturn

Wednesday, November 3

6 AM– 12 PM EDT FORECAST Herding efforts are prized, as are noble moves and righteous motives. Opportunities, humor, and special interest via groups reiterate each person’s lifelong themes. ADVICE Participate in fellowships and facilitate optimism via praise and engagement.

Moon Trine Jupiter

Second of five days FORECAST It seems time to approach the important honors or institutions like marriage, academia, ethnic circles, and benevolent fraternities. ADVICE The necessary self-promotion brings a need to adapt to moral codes and network creeds; it is a learning curve. Any new project or association will require compliance with the accepted group guidelines.

New Moon  Phase

9 AM – 3 PM EDT FORECAST Cultural and scientific resources– – valid for an earlier age and time ––may be more effective now if changed. ADVICE Do an upgrade as per 21st-century style, ethos, and needs.

Moon Square Pluto

12:30 PM – 6:30 PM EDT FORECAST Here’s the voice box for culture or science worth contributing to tapping in. ADVICE Give a listen to those well educated and skilled. It’s worthwhile to gain a basis or a platform in current topics gathering or rallying around culture or science issues. The main goal is fellowship and productivity.

Moon conjunct Mercury

First of three days FORECAST Teams contain geniuses as well as commerce/law savvy types. ADVICE It takes some effort to fit artists, inventors, or high IQ folks into a constraining format that makes money sustainably and within the system.

Sun Opposed Uranus

s            11 PM Wednesday–5 AM Thursday EDT FORECAST Ambition to be more attractive and a better team player are based on virtuous or network quest. ADVICE Increase physical strength, summon the courage and study the biographies of pioneers and business owners.

Moon conjunct Mars

                                                                            Thursday, November 4                                                             

5:45 AM–11:45 AM EDT FORECAST There are some rough edges and mini testy times likely. Expect judgmental or authoritarian motions to be intimidating. ADVICE Take what is honest and good even if critical. Resolve to be more sophisticated. Aim to teach, heal, by peers or anyone eligible.

Moon Square Saturn

        Third of five days FORECAST It may take some convincing to bring backers or approval but it’s worth the effort to rally support. ADVICE Some points are well taken. Vow to teach, heal and work wonders these are impressive.

New Moon  Phase

2:30 PM–8:30 PM EDT FORECAST Synchronicity and odd coincidences captivate the imagination. ADVICE Embrace the sense of destiny and cultivate a good sense of humor. Keep your eye on the ball.

Moon Opposed Uranus

Second of three days FORECAST Unusual pairings can work well if they fit in a commercially viable format! ADVICE Fill a need or comply with other required specs like law or salvation.

Sun Opposed Uranus

Friday, November 5

3 AM– 6 AM EDT FORECAST Financial success and commercial triumphs use glamour, transcendence, and spiritual impact as part of the package. ADVICE Be specific regarding worldview and or iconic symbolism. Use those potent tools for huge advantages.

Moon Trine Neptune

Third of three days FORECAST Here is some caution during mania for second thoughts regarding science, tech knowledge he or geniuses. There is consideration about who to include and what to exclude. ADVICE Partnerships and teamwork affect each other via conflict and contrast. However, there is always constructive creativity operating.

Sun Opposed Uranus

                        Fourth of five days FORECAST Here’s a chance for yet another new start in terms of teams projects. It is possible to develop an interest in commerce and skills re: maximizing money-making potential. ADVICE Benefits include prestige partnerships, virtues-modesty, and outreach prospects. Skills will develop in all three areas.

New Moon  Phase

6:30 AM–12:30 PM EDT FORECAST Adjustments indicate it’s time to come down from a high horse! Instructions on how to join the crowd are available for the asking. ADVICE Determine your individualism yet contribute to a community. Be a participant for lucky and joyful results.

Moon Square Jupiter

8:30 PM Saturday–2:30 AM Sunday EDT FORECAST Karma score–– That is results from your past efforts–– is available regarding the effectiveness factor in relationships and bonding in general. ADVICE Make amends and corrections. Take advantage of early warning systems emerging now.

Moon conjunct South Moon’s Node= KARMA @ Alpha Centaurus

Saturday, November 6

The fifth of five days FORECAST A contrary attitude, novelty, or genius will bring success for a hit. Meaningful experience. ADVICE Nonconformist –that is outside the box– thinking is okay if production values are adequate and even excellent.

New Moon  Phase

                                                               Sunday, November 7                                                                   

2 AM local time FORECAST The switch back to standard time in autumn is easier than the one in spring yet it does make time frames distorted. Sunset an hour earlier triggers a primal fear of darkness. ADVICE Confirm important appointments to counteract time switch’s zombie effect! . Keep lights bright, but avoid screens 2 hours before bedtime


2 AM -8 AM EST FORECAST Rebelling against tribalism, evolution, or addiction seems to be a noble enterprise right now. ADVICE Be aware of seductive elements. They may be used for good or ill in education, advertising, or be incentives. Some propaganda is radical, dangerous, or misleading.

Moon Square Neptune 

Highlights mid-November-early December           

November 16-18 FORECAST Wild excitement, mania, and synchronicity are just the beginning of the amazing stories evolving. ADVICE A balance between acts of genius and what is legal and commercially viable.

Mars Opposed Uranus

November 17-21 FORECAST Drama tempered by humility seems rampant. A multitude of tragedies, sob stories, and complaints include serious ones. ADVICE Refer extreme cases to specialists, but other tragedies may be benign and the catalyst for creating great art, music, or drama.

Full Moon @  Star ‘Al Ghoul’ Lunar Eclipse  

November 19  December 2-6 FORECAST Inner turmoil gives way to amazing solutions. Demonstrate sincerity and encourage virtuous thoughts, words, and deeds.

New Moon Phase in Ophiuchus –the magician and healer—

Solar Eclipse   Dec 4                    

 Highlights December – early January 

December 9-27 FORECASTTwo weeks of passion and appreciation for all that the 21st century has to offer. Expect a focus on culture, finance, and social options. ADVICE Get involved in groups and activities from all three categories! You’ll get a vivid preview of the upcoming 2022 renaissance!  These themes persist in the background till Mid-March …an amazing opportunity for romance too!

Venus Conjunct Pluto                   

 December 17-21 FORECAST A giant hug or fortunate offer may be questioned by the super-sensitive personality types. ADVICE Luck is on the way and to welcome it we can all put aside hurt feelings. However ample troubleshooting is good and indulgence is counterproductive

Full Moon Phase near winter solstice

December 14-January 4 FORECAST The third of three hits in 2021: February 17, June 14, and now. The task before us is to take the best of tradition or structure and then anticipate what innovations were will yield a positive outlook synthesis. ADVICE Avoid being stuck inhabits rather than strive for proven merit. Be a skeptic in terms of hype, but get educated about science, technology, and groups.

Saturn Square Uranus 

By Victoria Martin

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