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Buildings in front of the Beach

Summer in Chicago


A typical summer day at North Avenue Beach.






By Robert Whitfield


It has been a long wait for the glorious Chicago summer we once took for granted. It will be with us again soon, and for those who may have forgotten, we have these images from beautiful summer seasons of the past.


Sailboats in Monroe Harbor.

More Monroe Harbor sailboats.

In a few weeks,  there will be boats everywhere.

It  will be beginning  soon.

Sightseeing boats on the  Chicago  River are not merely for tourists. 

Volleyball and sunbathing  on  Oak Street Beach within yards of the entrance to one of the nation’s great hotels.

Delightful outdoor restaurants have come and gone through the years on Oak Street Beach.

Another year’s restaurant.

Looking  back at a sweep of beach as we move north along the lakefront .










More of Castaways.

It was almost like being on a boat

The view looking north

North Avenue  Beach.

Walk across a foot bridge over the Outer Drive and you are in Lincoln Park.