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Astrologer’s Almanac August 8-14~excel, go beyond past experiences, and coax the best out of yourself





Victoria Martin

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead


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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

August 8- 14, 2021


Highlights This Week 

August 6 -10 FORECAST Creativity demands devotion, historical context, and strong leaders. The request is: excel, go beyond past experiences, and coax the best out of yourself. ADVICE Go to set up supplies. Have your assignment firmly in mind. Then go wild! (within reason)

New Moon Phase square Uranus 

                                                              Sunday, August 8                                                                                             

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST This can be the test regarding what will work, survive, or bear fruit.  Messy, lame, or goofy prospects will display flaws at this time. ADVICE Some awkward moments and disappointments are likely since this is a pick and choose operation in time for the losers to drop out.

Moon Square Uranus

Third of Five Days FORECAST Things are really cooking and plans develop nicely.  They can bring allies, collaborators, and followers. ADVICE A show of kindness– as well as radiant power– will guide family, community and/or employees.

New Moon Phase

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Expressions of positive feedback and generous input seemed destined to bring good results. ADVICE There is great potential in praise! Inspiration and creative productivity are the results.

Moon Conjunct Mercury 

                                                Monday, August, 9                                                                   

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST Here is the optimum time frame for brainstorming and role assignments. ADVICE Wonderworking backstage is good and also motivated by the use of grids and guidelines. Electric-like inspiration seems to invoke the forces of heaven.

New Moon Phase

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST This is a time to test the waters and rate the viability of lucky or generous offers. These are elaborate procedures. But helped by gut feelings. ADVICE It’s worth the effort to do a background check and trial run to see if the supposedly fortunate opportunities will really work.

Moon opposed Jupiter

All Day FORECAST Fantasy or mystic experiences can soothe the soul or be mere fluff dreams. ADVICE Consider the source, reliability, and reputation of the experience. Historic context is good as well as testimonies from vetted analysts. Venus opposed Neptune

Evening- Night FORECAST Standing at the forefront are those who are driven to serve the downtrodden, pathetic, and dull-witted. ADVICE This is a noble endeavor—good karma too—social worker options are active now. It is worth supporting charities if legitimate.

                            Moon Conjunct Mars                                       

                                                        Tuesday, August 10                                                                  

Fifth of Five Days FORECAST Decisions about leadership and group dynamics are remarkable and brilliant. They are shaping up of their own accord. ADVICE Picking roles and using consideration for those in charge would be ideal. As the proverb goes:  ‘Lead, follow, or get out of the way’.

New Moon Phase

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST New science-technology– as well as for fraternal organizations– supports help for the impoverished, sick, or marginalized members of society. ADVICE There are rich sources from the realm of charity, government assistance, and historic groups.

                    Moon trine Uranus                      

All Day FORECAST Methods for education, brain growth, and sharing joy make all people work together to bring a renaissance. ADVICE Enlightened, new game plans could be fortunate. Toss the ball around; go fishing for ideas, and charm up new support.

Mercury opposed Jupiter

Wednesday, August 11

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST It is time to hit solid ground and go back to reality. To assist this is an intake of nature’s healing powers teamed with legends and folklore. Mesmerizing effects amplify a story, play, or pageant. ADVICE Nurturing and inspiring are the qualities preferred now. Be wary of hypnotic propaganda. Use compassion or empathy as much as possible.

Moon opposed Neptune

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST All is well in love and art especially if it’s organic and natural. Best work is true to the ethnic flavors as well as communal system-friendly. ADVICE Use positive energy in communications and/or media productions. Do elevate beauty and harmony to the highest visibility status. Emphasize value and encourage prosperity.

Moon Conjunct Venus

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Sending signals is bumped up by nature events especially wind, rain, and light. This rounds out or softens the cosmopolitan or city slicker mindset. ADVICE It’s smart to freshen the aura; sun sea and botanicals can do this. The effect is to update each person’s hip and smart 21st-century posturing. A survival technique dictates the virtues intrinsic to plants, animals, and the elements.

Moon trine Pluto

All Day FORECAST There is an offer to get steeped in harmony and beauty from natural sources. Turning from snarky towards affectionate is the result. A better mood is due to positive experiences all around. ADVICE Embrace better humor for activities that spark health and appreciation.

Venus trine Pluto

Thursday, August 12

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST This time frame will contain favorable feats, accomplishments, and amazing miracles. Use crafty or clever plans. ADVICE Call on VIPs, elders, or experts.

Moon trine Saturn

Friday, August 13

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Cultural presentations are put within novelty forms and distributed by charismatic leaders. These are subject to analysis, change, and reconfigurations according to demand. ADVICE Aim to update plans/trajectory ASAP guided by cues. Success may be partly due to adopting the dominant society, community, or peer interests.

Moon  Square Saturn

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Social and communal resources are supportive. There is also an element of sheer luck that comes from juggling, mixing, and networking. ADVICE Tap into the stream to impart health and good fortune. Use praise and positive sentiment as much as possible.

Moon trine Jupiter

   Saturday, August 14

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Special divine apparitions/ appearances and a show of radiant love burst on the scene. ADVICE Convey, offer, or display all of your best talents. This is sure to win hearts, secure affections, and make new friends. It may take time– and repeat performances– so be persistent.

Moon Square Saturn 

Evening- Night FORECAST Testing hipness and tech-savvy is the assignment. Also, freedom is requested. Here’s a crash course on the latest and greatest.  ADVICE A live and let live attitude is what allows for differences. Indications show that it is time to team up with like-minded spirits.

Moon opposed Uranus

Highlights late August-Early September-

August 20-24 FORECAST Full-blown illustrations and incentives regarding luckiest options are a gift and an incentive to take action. ADVICE Map out a game plan, use a play-to-win strategy, and stoke optimism.

Full Moon Phase @ Jupiter

September 1-3 FORECAST Ceremonies, Mother Nature’s glories and other potent events get out of hand. ADVICE Know what you are doing!  It is possible to tap into something truly intense without intending to do so. Stay cool since this is a personal or social manifestation of ‘going wild’!

Mars opposed Neptune  

By Victoria Martin

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