Polo Club





By Michelle Crowe



The Prince of Wales at Oak Brook Polo. (Oak Brook Polo Club Archives)


Polo is back in Oak Brook and while probably not quite at the excitement level brought by the sight of visiting player the Prince of Wales on horseback in 1986, seems to be better than ever.


Michael and Adam Butler (Oak Brook Polo Club Archives)


Attractive people, chicly dressed, flock to the fields, toasting with champagne and enjoying Sunday fun days like no others.

It’s the elusive low-key glitz with an international flair for sure, but what about the players? Watching several of these athletes practice at Arranmore Farm one afternoon I was struck by their nonchalant glamour, which is always the best kind.

All wearing white jeans, polo shirts and their incredible boots, they looked healthy, spirited and wonderful. Add to that the fresh-cut grass and the pounding of the horses’ hooves and it was easy to understand the appeal of the sport of kings.

Following the visit I wished to wear nothing other than polo shirts and white jeans.


Yves Saint Lauren goes international in a black polo and white jeans.


It’s a proven look, one that transcends gender, decade and locale.

The boots that polo players wear are phenomenal—doesn’t everyone love a dash of equestrian flair? Other fab options are loafers (backless if you’re feeling a bit risqué), simple sandals, or even a cleanly styled classic sneaker.


Prince William and Prince Harry carry on the tradition.


This is a look that’s best kept minimal, bracelets or bangles, a great watch and everyday rings add to the timelessness at play here—a charm bracelet is ideal.

The sleek athleticism that comes from seeing polo in action gives a whole new perspective to the lifelong love of polo shirts anyone who ever owned a copy of The Preppy Handbook probably feels and certainly understands.

Pop that collar and wear it proudly. See you at the polo club.


A horsewoman shows us how it’s done.