Oh to be Young Again!






By Stanley Paul


The invitation read:

Oh to be young again! Put the Blame on Mame  .  .  . the kick off Celebration for the eternally glamorous and popular Mamie Walton’s 90th year.


With the eternally glamorous Mamie.


I had the pleasure of hosting the event in the garden of my home in Palm Springs for two dozen of Mamie’s admirer’s

I first met Mamie and her late husband, Julius, on my opening night at the Pump Room in 1964, and we have shared a wonderful friendship since that first meeting those many years ago. Mamie is not only a great beauty outside, but she possesses a beautiful spirit and soul.

As a child growing up in London, she studied ballet, tap dancing and singing, eventually appearing on the stage in various musical shows and revues, culminating in a royal command performance at the Empire Theatre in the West End.

In the early 1950’s she was touring in the British musical “Over the Top” in the United States. She said it was a total culture shock for her, but the most wonderful experience after growing up during the blitz and hardships wartime London.

On a visit to Chicago, she was smitten with the city and decided to move here. Soon after moving to the windy city she met the love of her life Julius Walton, with whom she spent almost 50 years. Everyone who meets Mamie cannot believe she is almost 90 years old. Her secret–exercising one hour and a half each day on the ballet barre, remarkably still able to do splits and all ballet positions. When asked, how she is able to walk in her six inch heels? She answers “very well, thank you.”  A most remarkable lady indeed!


The remarkable lady.

Susan Meredith, widow of Don Meredith, Roger Bensinger and Nancy Kelley.

Biba Roesch and Linda Heister

In my Palm Springs garden with Mamie and another Chicago friend, Vicki Hood.

Christine Jennings, Gerard Alexandere and Cary Frank.

Susan Meredith with Don and Donna Craig.

Wth Vicki and Bill Hood.

With Linda Heister.

John Cannon and Biba Roesch.

Jean Pozzi, Paul Hait and Linda Heister.

Guest of Honor Mamie, Roger Bensinger and Nancy Kelley.