Look Who’s Cooking: Super Bowl Edition



By Adrian Naves





Super Bowl Sunday has become the unofficial holiday for most of the country. A fun late afternoon with something to look forward to, aside from the main event of the game, that everyone can enjoy. The most watched event of the year will also feature a specular halftime show, new and interesting commercials and upcoming movie trailers, and something everyone will enjoy…the Super Bowl feast!

When it comes to the Super Bowl, Americans tend to consume a ton of calories that rival the daily caloric intake of an average NFL lineman! The staggering number of gallons and gallons of beer consumed alone is remarkable. Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd most day of consumed food, second only to Thanksgiving. Some of the most popular foods consumed on Super Bowl Sunday are pizza, chicken wings, and snacks like chips and dips. So if you’re in the mood to eat like an NFL lineman, Chicago offers some fantastic restaurants to order from that are representative of the most popular foods during the big game.


Pizza Places: Lou Malnati’s & La Villa


Surly there’s no shortage of pizza places in Chicago. Honestly, there’s no easy choice on where to go for the “best” pizza place in Chicago. If deep dish pizza is the style of pizza you’re craving for, then Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza is definitely the place to go. The flaky and buttery crispy crust with a sweet and tangy sauce, that complements the stretchy mozzarella cheese when you pick up a slice.

But if tavern-style pizza is your go to, then La Villa pizza is truly the way to go. Located in Chicago’s Old Irving Park Area, La Villa Restaurant and Lounge has a plethora of choices of what to eat, but the pizza is something you can’t skip. These are only a few recommendations of where to get some pizza pie. But in the city of Chicago, you could write in any pizza place in a piece of paper, shuffle it in a hat, and draw from any place to order from – you won’t lose either way.


Chicken Places: Great Sea Restaurant


Football and chicken wings is such an iconic paring like baseball and peanuts. Chicken wings comes in multitude of choices, from ranch to barbecue – to mild and spicy. Chicken wings is the go-to for most people, especially when feeding a large crowd…but if you’re in the market for a different kind of chicken wing, then Great Sea Restaurant might be right up your alley. Great Sea Restaurant, located in the Albany Park Neighborhood, is renown in Chicago for its lollipop wings. The tender juicy meat is hanging on the end of the bone, giving it’s lollipop shape, resembling the bone of a chicken wing topped with a piece of orange chicken. The tiny drums of chicken are dipped in a sweet and tangy sauce, with choices of regular spicy or extra spicy. This Chinese Korean restaurant is highly recommended for a different kind of chicken wing. Located at 3253 W. Lawrence Ave., Albany Park.


Snacks & Dips Places: Del Toro Chicago


No Super Bowl party can be complete without some sort of dipping sauce. Meanwhile the most consumed kind of dip in America is ranch, instead we’re going for a dip that really captures the amount of variety that the Windy City can offer, the best guacamole in Chicago – Del Toro Chicago. Located in the Pilsen Neighborhood, Del Toro offers the best guacamole in the city. A true comfort food, pairs well with any kind of chip, a must-have for any big game party. Located at 2133 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60608.


This Super Bowl is predicted to have a massive viewership over the previous year, with a favorable matchup and a huge pop star to be in attendance at the game, is gearing up to be a memorable Sunday night. With a game of this magnitude can only mean the amount of cooking and ordering out will be immense…just don’t be surprised if you’re going into work and the workplace looks a little empty on Monday.