Legendary, Faux Real.






By Michelle Crowe




Doris Duke in a glorious blue and ready for something fabulous. Wallace Seawall photo.


“Oh, the forties chubby is back, thank God!” So exclaims exuberant fashion editor Polly Mellen in the 1995 documentary about Isaac Mizrahi, Unzipped.  That wonderful statement has been ringing in my mind, as the marvelous furry toppers of the season prove nearly irresistible.


Fendi, Fall 2017.


Friends chat at parties about having inherited pieces cropped down or lining a trench coat.  This makes me wonder if possibly these treasures might be dyed as anything slightly Muppet-inspired feels fun, fresh and festive.

Of course there are so many divine styles right now that one can certainly leave Mumsy’s favorite alone and find a wonderful new topper out in the world, be it fur or faux.

Once you’ve chosen a winner, (or four, there are so many chic styles) wear it with everything from jeans and a sweater to your New Year’s Eve ensemble. Just toss it on nonchalantly. Insouciance is the key to true style.


Gucci, Fall 2011.


See—once you quote Polly Mellen you start issuing grand pronouncements. Take a cue from Countess Haugwitz-Revetlow, the former Barbara Hutton, watching a tennis match in a fur bolero—in the Palm Beach sunshine.


Countess Haugwitz-Revetlow, the former Barbara Hutton, watches a tennis match at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach. Palm Beach Post undated file photo.


Kate Moss, everyone’s modern style icon, is another inspiration for wearing unexpected styles like stripes and prints so enviably.


Kate Moss in Stella McCartney coat over Kate Moss for Equipment.


Be it pale pink, Cookie Monster blue, an oversized cut, the addition of a hood, or a an incredible belt detail, this is the moment to go all out. No wallflower coats here. Find something that makes you as a happy as a fashion editor at a preview and hope that one day your own granddaughter or niece will be delighted to call it hers.


Mink cape coats, 1948.