Le Bal De Bond: The Lycée and 007





An Aston Martin parked in front of the Four Seasons, Lycée students performing Bond-themed songs as guests walked in the ballroom, and a video of Lyric President Eric Veteau as Bond proved recently that Nobody Does It Better than the Lycée Français de Chicago when it comes to galas.


Eric and Sylvie Veteau.


Co-chairs Lisa Bailey and Joanna Sevim.

In the spoof video, Veteau drives the Aston Martin Quantum Silver DB11 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12 to the Four Seasons where he is greeted by the evening’s co-chairs Lisa Bailey and Joanna Sevim, who escort him inside. The sell-out crowd of 570 guests cheered on Lycée high school students who showcased the school’s talents in their performances of From Russian With Love, Skyfall, and other Bond favorites, accompanied by the Ernie Adams Orchestra.


Sean Connery as 007 presides over Table 12.


A Spectre-themed table.


The dinner in full swing.

Following dinner, guests sought out the Casino Royale, and the rocking after party went on until 2 am and featured DJ Spencer Lokken and drummer Ernie Adams.


Michelle Saldana and Bonnie Beaumont.


Christopher Bono and Virginie Ott-Bono.


Kish Khemani and Anita Chandwaney-Khemani.


Guillaume and Nathalie Deudon, Christophe Ridet, and Philippe Audasso.

Suave and sophisticated was the look of the night that raised over $600,000 to benefit Lycée’s programs, financial aid, teacher training, and outdoor space improvements. The Lycée Français provides a rigorous bilingual education and seeks to transform its 770 students into global ambassadors, inspiring them to lead lives of purpose, responsibility, and respect. The program is based on the French National Curriculum with key American building blocks.

Lycée Français Trustee Margaret Unetich summed up the dazzling evening with a tribute to Lisa, Joanna and their team:

“From the moment we arrived, we felt we were in a Bond movie ourselves, from a greeting by the Goldfinger Girls and the full orchestra that played out the alluring Bond tunes—highlights being songs sung by Lycée student Ysabel Pisor and Lycée staff member Cecilia Porter—to the fantastic décor, including a casino floor, and the martinis that just kept flowing. No one wanted the evening to end.

“The most memorable moments of the evening were the enticing Bond-inspired videos they created, casted by Lycée administration and trustees that played out the theme while reminding us the reason we were there enjoying ourselves to the fullest. It continues to make me smile thinking about what a memorable time we had and that these incredible efforts created both a fun opportunity for our community to come together and ultimately great financial success for our amazing school. Bravo!”

Special thanks went to lead sponsors Related, Savills Studley, and Wintrust, as well as Glenview Luxury Imports who loaned the perfect Bondmobile.


Catherine Sarr, Joanna and Robert Sevim, and Mamadou-Abou Sarr.


Emile Chaillot of Grey Goose with the Lycée’s Sharon Lear.


Bill Kane, Randi Frank, and Raymond Benson, author of many James Bond film novelizations.


Tom Demery, Sharon Langshur, Monique Demery, and Suzette Bulley.


Lydie Cholé and Frédéric Cholé, Deputy Counsel Generale of France.


Chanon DiCarlo, Bruce Weber, Christopher King, and Severine Fougerol.


Sascha Bopp, Drs. Hakim and Anissa Bouzamondo, and David Brooks.


Aston Martin of Glenview Luxury Imports.


Bryna and Jay Dahlin.


Dr. Kush Desai, Dr. Jaclyn Schieber, and Drs. Anisha and Jeffrey Martin.


Joanna and Robert Sevim.


Siobhan Cafferty, Margot Bogue and Bill McCrea, and Christopher Rowney.