Facets Screen Gems Gala Honors Lisa Yun Lee





If the gala honoree picks up her ukulele and asks you to sing along to John Lennon’s “Imagine,” you know you are at an awards ceremony unlike any other.

At its recent Screen Gems Gala at the Arts Clubs, Facets profiled its commitment to change lives through film while honoring activist, scholar, and art critic Lisa Yun Lee.

 “Lisa has emphasized the power of art to create equity and social change. As Executive Director of the National Public Housing Museum, she works to create a living cultural experience on social justice and human rights. At the School of Art and Art History at UIC, the Hull House Museum, and Public Square, Lisa brought people together to break down barriers, celebrate diversity, cultivate informed dissent and create lasting impact,” explained Facets Founder Milos Stehlik.


Tracy Kupferberg, Milos Stehlik, and Biba Roesch.

Sunny Fischer, Lisa Lee, De Gray, and student filmmakers Krystal Ceballos, Lulwa Chebaro, and Sandy Mizhquiri.

Screen Gems Gala co-chairs and BFFs De Gray and Sonny Fischer; Facets Board President Barbara Koren; poets Elise Paschen and Julie Parson Nesbitt; Helmut Jahn and his wife, Deborah; Ron and Ansticss Krueck; John Vinci; photographers Dawoud Bey and Suzette Bulley; artist and activist Theaster Gates; Kartemquin Film co-founder Gordon Quinn; and fashion designer Maria Pinto all celebrated Lisa.


Deborah Jahn, Helmut Jahn, Madeline Halpern, Ron Krueck, and Anstiss Krueck.


Bill Ayers, Lisa Lee, and Dawoud Bey

Tribune correspondent Rick Kogan, a quintessential part of each Screen Gems Gala and father of a Facets Film Camp alumna, presented the talented young filmmakers who did a short documentary on Let’s make it happen” Lisa. Christie’s New York’s Robbie Gordy directed a spirited paddle raise for the organization that has served more than 500,000 children, with 200,000 of those from underserved areas. Barbara Koren thanked retired board president Dr. David Edelberg for his four decades of service to Facets.


Charles Coleman, Barbara Koren, and Paul Gearen.

Proceeds support the year-round educational programs of Facets and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. As Milos has said, “We believe that films have the power to change lives and change the world. Every year, our dynamic programs use film as a catalyst to inspire and motivate the next generation of caring, compassionate, thoughtful leaders.” 


Lisa Lee, at right, with her mother, Lydia Yun Lee.


Tom Keim and Noelle Brock.


Biba Roesch, Anstiss Krueck, and Madeleine Rabb.


Harish Patel and Faheem Majeed.


Doug and Yumi Ross.


Milos Stehlik happily presents the award to Lisa Lee.


Evan Jahn, Rebecca Halpern, and Julie Jahn.


Bill Ayers, Alice Kim, Barbara Ransby, and Peter Sporn.


Maya Polsky, Susie Karkomi, Marwen Levitt, John Nelson, and Sunny Fischer.

To learn more about Facets, visit facets.org.