Colonial Warriors and Colonial Dames Summer Dinner Dance






Every July, The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Illinois and their counterpart, The National Society of Colonial Dames in America in the State of Illinois (NSCDA-IL), join them in hosting a Summer Dinner Dance in Lake Forest.


An idyllic setting for a summer soiree.

Led by co-chairs, Priscilla Barlow and Todd Schwebel, a record number of guests attended. The Dames and Warriors gather in celebration of their ancestors who helped found our country, and it was a multi-generational affair with guests ranging in age from current debutantes to our longest standing members. Both the youngest and the oldest generations were seen enjoying the dance floor as well.


Aaron Barlow, Priscilla Barlow, William Beggs, and Todd Schwebel.


James M. Kinney, Bud Hendrick, Kipper Lance, and Governor Brian D. White.

Current Illinois Governor of The Colonial Warriors, Brian D. White, welcomed guests and stated how proud the Warriors were to have this very special event co-chaired with The Colonial Dames every year and acknowledged their current president, Lucy Bell, and asked past Dames presidents Barbara Linville, Ginny McTier, and Jean Perkins to rise. He then acknowledged our past four governors of the Warriors: John Strothman, Robert Burell, David Linville, and Howell Brown.


Ginny McTier and Lt. Governor John Strothman.


Colleen and Bob Burrell.


Elizabeth and Doug Chalmers with Jean Perkins.

Out of town guests included Gerald and Betsy TyrrellDavid Von NirschlCharlie and Lynn Poekel, and William Poekel in attendance from Kentucky, Washington, DC, and New York. Our current Governor General for the State of Illinois, Robert L. Burell, was then called up to receive the highest honor bestowed by the Society of Colonial Wars, The Samuel Victor Constant Award, and was presented the gold lapel pin for that honor.


Libbet Richter, William Poekel, and Lynn Poekel.


Charlie Poekel, Louis Margaglione, George Vincent, and Andrea Vincent.


Brad Cue, Moira Du Brul, and David Von Nirschl.

Stylish partygoers arrayed in Lilly Pulitzer, traditional madras, seersucker, pearls, and sunglasses gathered for cocktails on the terrace overlooking the Illinois prairie, now serving as the club’s golf course. As always, a delicious surf and turf dinner was served with dancing in between courses to the music of the Steve Biosset Quartet.

Among the stylish guests in attendance were Howell Browne, David Burgess, Mary and Allen Carter, Gabriela and Dwight Cleveland, Ray Drymalski, Kathy Fox, William Fox, Daphne Halminiak, sisters Annie and Hopie Hambleton, Carla and Theodore Herr, Laura and Jason Koh, Barbara and Tom Leiter, Virginia and Matthew Noble, John O’Hara, Julia Pesek, Cammie and Richard Schumacher, Liz and Jeff Sharp, Peggy Snorf, Noren and Richard Ungaretti, and Ginny and Albert Van Alyea.

Plans are well underway for next year’s Bicentennial Ball to be held in honor of the State of Illinois Bicentennial, 1818-2018.


Jetta Boschen, Mary Genet, Jim Staples, and guest.


Angie and Geoff Euston.


A society designer’s garden centerpiece.


Daphne Halminiak and Sophie Du Brul Cue.


Alexander and Petra Jacobs.


Leland Hutchinson and Tobin Richter.


Emily Neilsen, JP Beall, and Oona Carroll.


Dana Strothman and Cammie Burgess.


Laura and Larry Ekstrom.


Photo credit: John Barlow