July 2022




By Victoria Martin


ASTRO-CAST June-July 2022



June 26-30 FORECAST Artful dodging and ascent to the best possible path help success. ADVICE There are many trial and error operations, but fortunately ample amusements as well!


New Moon Phase


June 30- July 2 FORECAST It seems necessary to make all sorts of bizarre pairings just to process a challenge, wake people up, or get the work done. ADVICE Make introductions between the odd couples and encourage cooperation. It is likely that they will find some compatible points or at least commiserate!


Mars Square Pluto


July 11-15 FORECAST There’s a feeling of omniscience we get a full sense of what trends are dominant and happening now. The 21st-century modes are spelled out. ADVICE Steps and elaborate specs needed to maintain sophisticated status are more obvious, though not too easy to do!


Full Moon Phase conjunct Pluto


July 26-30 FORECAST There is much to enjoy in pageants, plays, and parades. Yet responses or lessons seem to be dictated or behavior is directed ADVICE Historical dramas and proverbial themes are educational and a wake-up call.


New Moon Phase


July 30-August 2 FORECAST Wacky and wild stuff is going on; the mood is somewhat tense even radical; creative breakthroughs are likely. ADVICE Do foster brilliance is self and others. Kind words soften anger and avert daring or dangerous behavior.


Mars conjunct Uranus




Sunday, July 3


3rd of 3 Days FORECAST Superhuman impulse and wide sight inspires flexible action or adaptable perception. Unusual combos can reconfigure into 21st-century modes. ADVICE Work the system and utilize every advantage available

Mars Square Pluto


All Day FORECAST Communications are gaining special effects; dignified posture primes for good reception. ADVICE Authorities are receptive so it is a good time to pitch. Ask for feedback or rise up a notch in rank.

Mercury trine Saturn


All Day FORECAST A therapeutic motive, bold confidence, or heroic posture is natural. ADVICE This is a good start but imagination– used sparingly– and added helpers complete the scene/plan.

Mercury Square Neptune


Monday, July 4

7:30 AM- 1:30 PM CDT FORECAST Minor discord could be a sign that it’s time to try new pleasures, peacemaking, or directives. ADVICE Quick success and positive reception point the way to creative development.

Moon square Venus

3:30 PM -9:30 PM CDT FORECAST A sense of adventure is felt. There is a move to max beneficial cultivation. ADVICE Use premonitions and novelties as a guide.

Moon trine Uranus


Tuesday, July 5

5:45 AM-11:45 AM CDT FORECAST Sensitive attunement is balanced via a solid, well-engineered platform. ADVICE Mix the mystic and the practical.

Moon opposed Neptune


10 AM- 4 PM CDT FORECAST Nature’s glories and a reverence for creation are perfect backdrops. Use them for project/production branding and teaching programs. ADVICE Hard work or disciplined habits are good but need breaks! Refresh via an appreciation for beauty and sensory input.

Moon trine Pluto


5:15 PM-11:15 PM CDT FORECAST Negative speech occurs or critical ideas emerge. ADVICE Aim to be the best character, pure of heart, and noble-purposed.

Moon square Mercury



Wednesday, July 6

All Day FORECAST Survival skill demos are forthcoming. Humor is a mix of charisma and contrary reasoning. ADVICE Use clever wit and be an active listener. Show genuine interest in the deeds and ideas of your associates.

Moon square sun first quarter moon; spot it at sky zenith during sunset


Thursday, July 7


11:15 AM – 5:15 PM CDT FORECAST Cultural surveys and science research are useful. ADVICE Facilitate a rich, careful study. Present a harvest of gems and tools

Moon trine Saturn


5 PM- 11 PM CDT FORECAST Gathering associates may not be easy, but herd unity is necessary/helpful. ADVICE Soften anger about contrasting/polemic politics and cultivate/emphasize empathy practice.

Moon square Pluto


Friday, July 8


All Day FORECAST Entertainment and brand advancing projects gain strength. ADVICE Stay tuned! There is unexpected luck ready for alert opportunists.

Mercury square Jupiter


Saturday, July 9


3 AM-9 AM CDT FORECAST Commercial or legal enterprises gain solid footing. Strategic hold of the mid zone, centrist, or diplomatic position is a good plan. ADVICE Maintain grace,

Upload resources and remain well-grounded.

Moon trine Sun

4:30 AM-10:30 AM CDT FORECAST Merchandising services or contract forming are exciting and/or updated. ADVICE Almost everyone is prompted to use charm and charisma! This is in addition to advancing true friendship and a good reputation.

Moon opposed Uranus


11:45 AM-5:45 PM CDT FORECAST Feedback or results come thru and may register as a sort of karmic score. ADVICE This is a signal to upgrade strategy and augment intake specs. ADVICE Qualify data absorption, moderate eating, or chill uploads.  To fortify identity: increase awareness, add good nutrition, and do research.

Moon conjunct Karma node



Sunday, July 10


3 PM-9 PM EDT FORECAST Super ambitious projects –mini or maxi– gain luck and accumulate help. Draw from both high/classic and low/pop culture. ADVICE A broad-spectrum perspective is the way to go for max appeal. Some seduction via the use of sensory stimulus could be harmful to well-being. Applied wisdom can weed out the nefarious methods

Moon trine Jupiter


Monday, July 11


1st of 5 Days FORECAST A test of viable concepts and display of attributes includes the pre-requisites of 21st sophistication as key/basic guides. ADVICE Knowledge of all things urban and well as rural survival rudiments are impressive, i.e. a well-rounded scheme for mind and body


Full Moon Phase


Tuesday, July 12


All Day FORECAST Engagements in visual arts, music, dance, or theater lessons as therapies are in progress/timely. There is a tradition imparted and a clear path to truth.  ADVICE Do enhance life and impart lasting self-improvement practice. Discipline and responsibility bring happiness.


Venus Trine Saturn


2nd of 5 Days FORECAST There is a test regarding performance and a rating on job qualifications. Grading progress and estimating effect/outcome gets pushy/aggressive. ADVICE Expect to get/make a score of intellectual capacity, social savvy, and tech skills; all are needed to be at full force.


Full Moon Phase



Wednesday, July 13


3rd of 5 Days FORECAST This is a peak day for choosing expertise and settling on/grounding a role within modern contexts. ADVICE The winning formulas keep changing yet ever remain a mix of classics and hipness.


Full Moon Phase


7:15 PM Wednesday – 1:15 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Deep insights and information sources are revealed. Normally hidden or confidential facts emerge. A bonus is that proprietary knowledge is gained aka trade secrets are discovered. ADVICE Guard your speech and add proper code or encase communications in 21st-century etiquette/guidelines. Special insights regarding sexuality, psyche, or politics warrant careful handling.

Moon conjunct Pluto


All Day FORECAST Assets of beauty and grace are placed in a missionary role/context. Working at the front battle lines will bring real insights into idealistic notions. ADVICE Use a universal application—something accessible—during heroic points of contact: apply one by one.

Venus square Neptune


Thursday, July 14


4th of 5 Days FORECAST The showdown continues; competitions center the public or community attention. ADVICE Aim for high-level grades. Examine precedents as baseline indicators.


Full Moon Phase


Friday, July 15

5th of 5 Days FORECAST Dramas continue to play out re: kingpins, dominant styles, mores, and peak experiences. ADVICE A selection gleaned from many cultures shows there is the merit gained from sampling around!


Full Moon Phase


2:30 PM-8:30 PM CDT FORECAST Traditional formulae for happiness are prominent. Good examples; balance of individual aims with/by group or family goals. ADVICE Include daily triumphs over mini-challenges as confidence builders.

Moon conjunct Saturn


Saturday, July 16

All Day FORECAST It seems time to gain a competitive edge/advantage via making a singular, intense focus. ADVICE This is a good time to pursue an idea to its ultimate manifestation.

Sun conjunct mercury


All Day FORECAST What starts as an argument could develop into a good lesson. ADVICE Glamour magic could be at work and turn mundane life tasks into a classic fairy tale, happy ending legend, or productive fantasy story.


Mercury trine Neptune



Sunday, July 17


All Day FORECAST Strong symbolic meaning is felt even in regular life, mundane/typical activities, and work relations. ADVICE Outreach and initiative—guided by empathy or compassion– bring favorable results.

Sun trine Neptune


7 PM Sunday-1 AM Monday CDT FORECAST It is easy/natural to indulge in magical thinking or have a transcendent view of life. ADVICE If something seems too good to be true then look beneath the surface. Analyze the workings, get perspective, and rate danger/risk factors. Choose for sustainability.

Moon conjunct Neptune


All Day FORECAST Dreamy qualities / spiritual elements invade circumstances to flavor and influence physical or competitive scenes. ADVICE Get help from worker-bees and be willing to pay them. Daily deeds take on more meaning when seen within a timeline/evolutionary production context.

Sun trine Neptune


All Day FORECAST Flashes, strategies, and inspiration come as a result of the discussion, improvisation, and transformative empathy. ADVICE Debates bring deep thought and research. It is a good prep for greater deeds to come.


Mercury opposed Pluto


Monday, July 18


6:30 PM Monday -12:30 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Here is a timeframe that could contain or produce fortunate offers, special lucky links, or viable leads. ADVICE Look for good offers or create opportunities.

Moon conjunct Jupiter


1st of 3 Days FORECAST To push the limits could be a preferred paradigm in many relationships. It is human nature to occasionally panic or act in an unduly aggressive manner. ADVICE Call out bad behavior, but forgive if warranted, the wrongdoing is repented, and it is requested.

Sun opposed Pluto


Tuesday, July 19


2nd of 3 Days FORECAST This day seems to host events that resemble a war between good and evil. Polarities as a study in contrasts have something to offer. ADVICE It seems time to choose between light and darkness.  Life-affirming options are the best choice.

Sun opposed Pluto



Wednesday, July 20

6:15 AM-12:15 PM CDT FORECAST Production display is timely. There are lots of contrasts and unusual combos. ADVICE Make a show of all accomplishments to use as a launch pad. Some explanation about the exotic pairings may help comprehension.

Moon square Sun


3rd of 3 Days FORECAST We are all seeking a balance of power; inner and outer, spiritual and material, self-serving and sharing. ADVICE Be alert to incidents of abuse and propaganda; avoid both. Best to go with life-affirming choices.

Sun opposed Pluto


Thursday, July 21

8 AM-2 PM CDT FORECAST This will be a time for exciting compositions made from the best of everything! ADVICE Physical strength building is a good prep for what happens today. Also, cultivate courage and activate pioneer spirit.

Moon conjunct Mars


10:15 PM Thursday – 4:15 AM Friday CDT FORECAST This is the most genius-prone day of the month, but it will also bring moods/impulses conducive to peculiar behavior. ADVICE Entertain worthwhile outliers and review valid contrary opinions. Above all stoke talents and be friendly!

Moon conjunct Uranus


Friday, July 22

12 AM-6 AM CDT FORECAST Here’s a push to do the best thing! In terms of ideas or actions decide on what will create benefits for all. ADVICE Best to open up to maximum camaraderie and nutrition. Strategize and adapt for what will perpetuate positive effects.


Moon conjunct North Moon’s Node


Saturday, July 23


All Day FORECAST Expect to give and get encouragement towards progress and ongoing creative action. ADVICE Take advantage of the luck and good energy; they are in free flow and can help create a sensation. Use fun and humor to accentuate the good times.


Mercury trine Jupiter



Sunday, July 24


All Day FORECAST There is great appreciation for clever gimmicks, performance talent, and iconic renderings. Inventions or novelty ideas assist in creation. ADVICE Production enhancements are good. After manifesting successful praxis formulae can be gathered.


Venus square Jupiter


Monday, July 25


12:15 AM-6:15 AM CDT FORECAST Fierce missionaries can accomplish much but may need helpers. ADVICE Anticipate how complex and nuanced the situation is and then focus on realistic goals.

Moon square Neptune


Tuesday, July 26

1st of 5 Days FORECAST Community and national events are motivators; a good spirit generates quickly. ADVICE Accentuate in-common benefits, mutual history, and progressive teamwork.

New Moon Phase


7 AM-1 PM CDT FORECAST Expect that signs of growing love, beauty, and prosperity appear. They are set to come after spiritual sorcery perhaps as plain a prayer. ADVICE It’s a good idea to do some conjuring! Use unique talents, gratitude, and special effects.

Moon conjunct Venus


All Day FORECAST The musical or cinematic events happening now create interesting discussions. ADVICE Enter into debates, especially regarding those with historical elements or well-known characters.

Mercury square Mars


Wednesday, July 27


2nd of 5 Days FORECAST There is much emotional intensity surrounding the construction and enactment of pageants, parades, and presentations. ADVICE  Too much of a good thing could be indulgence; a sweet trap. Propaganda and opinion processing are bound to be part of the picture, so stay on guard.


New Moon Phase


Thursday, July 28


3rdof 5 Days FORECAST Dramatists, poets, and storytellers aim to make an impression. Many borrow from vivid historical stories. ADVICE These tales flavor the new moon phase and add interest but may be coercive in motives and effect.


New Moon Phase


3:30 PM EDT FORECAST Gripping stories descend from above and others erupt from below. ADVICE Absorb salient facts, then take in views or ideas from up high: classic and down low: pop cultures.

Jupiter stationary turns to retrograde motion


All Day FORECAST Charismatic leaders discuss spirituality, politics, and academics. The general culture/public shows/has mixed feelings about technology and science. ADVICE Some choices regarding innovation lean towards benefits for humanity.


Mercury square Uranus


Friday, July 29


4th of 5 Days FORECAST Expect some competition between leaders or distinguished men regarding progressive versus historic. ADVICE Make wise choices since they will set the pathway for August.


New Moon Phase


3:45 PM-9:45 PM CDT FORECAST Pointers on how to be a charismatic philosopher, speaker, or writer could prove useful. ADVICE Super smart and fascinating ideas show up! This is the best time all month to have or host a discussion.

Moon conjunct Mercury


Saturday, July 30


5th of 5 Days FORECAST Historical, traditional, or favorite legends are a focus for the community. They also effect a good or bad distraction from personal issues. The prosperous potential is lurking yet there is a caveat. ADVICE More pageantry is appropriate as a catalyst for opinion or roadmap generator. Extra emphasis on motivational messages is wise.


New Moon Phase


All Day FORECAST Highly analytical, practical, and wisdom-based thinking can dominate conversations. There is a tug-of-war between what is dramatic and appealing in a leader versus what is seen in a long-term fortunate and wise authority figure. ADVICE Contrast short-lived gratification with sustaining happiness is a smart aim/goal.


Mercury opposed Saturn



Sunday, July 31


All Day FORECAST Pageants, theater, and historical observance provide a reason for mingling. ADVICE It’s easy to feel good, but if possible focus on the potential opportunities brewing.

Sun trine Jupiter


1st of 3 days FORECAST Events seem to show a zigzag trajectory and abnormalities. This keeps everyone alert. ADVICE The dominant public mood is restless or nervous; some neutralizing of that via cultivating peace and calm is helpful.

Mars conjunct Uranus

2nd of 3 days FORECAST Bursting forth on the scene are some results from elite groups, scientists, and inventors. ADVICE The emerging ideas and products are progressive and some intimidating.

Mars conjunct Uranus



Highlights: August-September


July 31-August 2 FORECAST Wild conjuring and surprise events are matched or accompanied by verbal and emotional outbursts. ADVICE Keep your wits sharp! Guard against TMI or toxic tech overload.


Mars Conjunct Uranus


August 6-8 FORECAST A time when heavy workloads and peer pressure are widespread. An urgency to work or produce something is felt! ADVICE Even the most moderate and smart workers take on too much. Move carefully and pace yourself!


Mars Square Saturn


August 9-13 FORECAST It seems to be a significant, soulful turning point or a judgment day! ADVICE Embrace the teachings of eternally hip philosophers, wise souls, and learned, happy advisors.


Full Moon Phase conjunct Saturn


August 25-29 FORECAST The best leaders would move to help the underprivileged. Everyone can improve his or her sense of direction and increase performance skills. ADVICE It is a team effort with educators and wealthy people joining in the Utopian building plan.


New Moon Phase


September 8-12 FORECAST Wounded healers and trendsetters make a wish or visualize the best possible outcome. ADVICE It may be time for an adventure! Also. Some projects and institutions seem reborn almost as if rising from the ashes.


Full Moon Phase


September 9 till October 2 FORECAST Emphasis on thought processes and optimum intelligence. An admired mindset is what encourages longevity. ADVICE Use your awareness of nature’s all-powerful elements. Weather patterns tell a story. Other alchemical manifestations are in the mix for plans and plots.


Mercury in RETROGRADE Sept 9 till Oct 2

September 23-27 FORECAST A new moon at the Autumnal equinox augurs that plans can have a big effect on friends, family, and community! ADVICE Choose words and actions carefully as they may have an impact for some time to come!


New Moon Phase