Alzheimer’s Association Celebrates 2019 Rita Hayworth Gala






By Judy Carmack Bross


“Please keep sharing the story of my beautiful and selfless mom, who loved God and served others, until finally we end this thief of a disease.”—Country music star Jay Allen, writing on social media about his song Blank Stares which he will perform May 4 at the Alzheimer’s Gala.



Jay Allen and his mother. Photo Courtesy of Jay Allen

Surely Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, who began the event in honor of her mother, Rita Hayworth, is delighted that Jay Allen will be paying tribute to his mom Sherry Rich who died of the disease from which the actress suffered and her daughter has devoted her life to finding a cure.  Jay, an only son, has stated: “I am a fixer but this was something I just couldn’t fix.”


Princess Yasmin Aga Kahn, Natalie Morales, Jon Harris and Allie Harris at the Rita Hayworth Gala in 2018     Photo Credit Bill Richert

With 125 million views on Facebook of the song, Jay Allen supports the worldwide efforts to banish that memory thief.  He and his family will receive the Caregiver Award at the 32nd annual Alzheimer’s Association’s Rita Hayworth Gala, underwritten by Rolex, at the Hilton Chicago and perform This year’s theme, “The Key to Our Future,” inspired by Paris’ world-famous Pont des Arts, known fondly as the Love Lock Bridge because of the 100s of people who attach locks there daily to say that they remember loved ones, will bring together advocates and supporters who are passionate about unlocking a world without Alzheimer’s disease.


Gala co-chairs Dan J. Murphy Jr., JoAnn Murphy, Dan Murphy III and Jim Murphy, committee members and major donors gathered recently to add final touches the event which will be attended by over 800 guests.  The Murphy family shares a personal connection to the disease as Dan Jr.’s mother passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2011, and have been active supporters to the Alzheimer’s Association ever since.

In addition to Jay Allen’s award, Joan and Paul Rubschlager will receive the Legacy Award.


                                                                         Dr. Maria Carrillo, Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer’s Association.


                                 Daniel Murphy, 2019 Chicago Rita Hayworth Gala Chair (Barrington, IL), and Dr. Maria Carrillo, Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer’s Association


                                 Joan and Paul Rubschlager, 2019 Gala Legacy Award Recipients and Gala Steering Committee members


                                Dan, Dan and Jim Murphy, 2019 Chicago Rita Hayworth Gala Chairs (Barrington, IL), and Joan and Paul Rubschlager, 2019 Gala Legacy Award Recipients


                                   Joan and Paul Rubschlager, Gala Legacy Award Recipients,  Susan and Jim Draddy,  Chicago Rita Hayworth Gala Steering Committee , and Dr. Maria Carrillo, Chief Science Office, Alzheimer’s Association


                              Joan and Paul Rubschlager, 2019 Gala Legacy Award Recipients and Betsy and Dave Goltermann, Gala Steering Committee members and Dave Goltermann, National Board Chair for the Alzheimer’s Association 


The Chicago Rita Hayworth Gala serves as one of the Alzheimer’s Association’s largest fundraising events of the year, and supports the more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease and the more than 16 million family members and friends who are serving as caregivers. In Illinois alone, there are an estimated 230,000 people living with the disease and 588,000 residents who are serving as caregivers.

For information about the Alzheimer’s Association Chicago Rita Hayworth Gala or to order tickets, visit or call 312.335.5808.