Always a lady Jacket

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By Michelle Crowe



Chanel Cruise 23-24, look 24.


Even as slouchy and oversized blazers, coats, and trousers continue their insouciant takeover of chic wardrobes worldwide, the lady jacket has made a stealth return.

A boxy topper, oftentimes trimmed with contrasting piping and finished with pretty buttons is of course a staple of fashion houses high and low, from Chanel to J. Crew to H&M, beloved for its versatility and suitable for any age and most occasions.


Chanel on the runway.


Tweed is the traditional fabrication. Sturdy and versatile, tweed was originally used in hunting jackets. Sometime along the way, this fabric made its way from country weekends to city streets. Many credit Coco Chanel with the transition. Fashionistas know that Mademoiselle had a way of looking at fabrics with a fresh eye and using them in unexpected ways.

This jacket became the calling card of Hitchcock heroines and jetsetters. Eventually, tweed gave way to boucle and knit versions and the lady jacket became many women’s go-to for lunches, boardrooms, and even smartening up casual looks for an errand run.

Now there’s no limit to designer’s creativity with this versatile silhouette. Need warmth but don’t want to look like you’re off on a hike? Try a quilted version. Need all out glamour for a celebration? Reach for a jacket covered in shimmering sequins. It’s covered up for elegance, but as glittery and fun as any disco ball.


Linda Evangelista in Vogue Italia, 1990.


Devotees of the lady jacket tend to be collectors who have the puffer, the sequins, several sweater versions, and a selection of tweed and boucle stunners in rotation. After all, when a shape is this easy and flattering, why not stockpile this timeless classic?


Moschino Fall 2023.


For those seeking a January wardrobe refresh, Self-Portrait is a gorgeous brand established in 2013 by designer Han Chong, who was born in Malaysia and studied at Central Saint Martins. Devoted to beautiful designs at an accessible price point, it’s a wonderful resource for ladylike clothes, including lots of jackets. Also, Moschino almost always includes an irreverent take on the look in every collection. Margot Robbie wore a pink Moschino suit while promoting Barbie last summer. Wherever you find yours, the lady jacket will serve you well in the new year.