World’s “Best” Men’s Shopping




   By Megan McKinney


Shall we stretch the World’s “Best” Men’s a bit further?  Two of our recent columns nominated the World’s “Best” Men’s clubs. And they were all clustered in the St. James’s area of London,

Today we are suggesting that the World’s “Best” Men’s shopping can’t be far away. Turnbull & Asser, for example, is at the corner of Jermyn and Bury Streets. And, like its neighboring men’s clubs, the great shirtmaker has a long history, John Arthur Turnbull and Ernest Bury established the company in 1885.

You can purchase this classic stripe Turnbull & Asser from the shelves inside the Jermyn Street entrance.

Or even this, with the classic stiff white collar.

But why not stroll around the corner to the Bury Street side for the bespoke version, which Sean Connery’s James Bond always did.  There is nothing more satisfying in shirt shopping than flipping through the mammoth pages of the firm’s book of signature stripes or simply having the great Bond whites perfecty fitted.

Speaking of great Bond whitesor this pale blueyou could even order yours made with Sean Connery’s signature cocktail cuff.

London’s great shoe and boot source John Lobb Ltd is around the corner from Turnbull & Asser at 9 St. James’s Street. “As a young apprentice bootmaker” the original John Lobb traveled to London by foot from the Cornish coast. And, although acquired by Hermès in 1976, John Lobb remains family-run.

Lobb boots


James J Fox                                                        

Along the way at 19 St. James’s Street is James J Fox Cigar Merchant, where one can not only purchase a fine cigar but also smoke it in the James J Fox Sampling Room.

James J Fox Sampling Room


Lock & Co.                                                             

Lock & Co. at 6 St. James’s Street, established in 1676, is not only the world’s oldest hat shop. . .

but also one of oldest family businesses existing anywhere today.


Author photo: Robert F. Carl