What Summer Remains

By Michael Traynor


At the Autumnal Equinox, Nature readies herself for the always-difficult conversation with Summer. Summer wants to play outside, while Nature must call Summer home for its nap. Each year, Summer comes up with ever more novel reasons to convince it’s Mom to grant it some extra play time. Nature cannot let Summer linger too much, not with Summer’s sibling Autumn looking on, waiting for the signal to begin play. Bracing for the conversation, Nature calls…


Summer pretends not to hear “Nature’s Call”. As ignoring Nature’s Call is almost always a bad strategy, Summer eventually shows up, this year with witnesses, each to testify on its behalf.  Nature’s own creatures pleaded for more Summertime to better keep themselves alive. The courtroom drama was intense:


  • Monarch butterflies said the extra nourishment time would strengthen them for the migration south.


  • Bees and insects added that more nectar would make for a better hibernation.



  • Blue Herons swore that more aquatic chowtime would lead to their smoother migration and endurance of the cold.



  • Squirrels insisted that time to pile on extra fat would engender their more amicable warming together in hollows of trees.


  • Hibiscus admitted they just wanted to stay out longer to become even more beautiful. Nature commended hibiscus for its honesty.


Nature had to admire Summer’s creativity this year.  Yet having had this same dialogue together every year for millennia now, Nature and Summer knew in their hearts what the decision must be. Nature indulges Summer with a few extra minutes of play. Summer promises Nature to come inside right away when next called home. Autumn abides by the ruling, knowing it too may seek some extra minutes from Nature next year, when Spring nears.



Summer is delighted with this accommodation. Nature itself loves to perform such small acts of kindness to foster the life within it, whenever it is permitted within the governance of the Universe. Even the Universe smiles upon what Summer remains.