What Everybody’s Talking About . . .

                       Rosemary Fanti’s Illustrations


 By Megan McKinney



Rosemary Fanti

People have been talking about Rosemary Fanti for some time; however the intensity of buzz increased last summer when invitations to a popular benefit landed in mailboxes throughout the area. On the cover was the image of a stylish Chicago favorite at her most glamorous.  Almost immediately, everybody was talking about Rosemary Fanti, who had made Hazel Barr look more like herself than she does in the camera or mirror.



Hazel Barr.



After graduating from New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, Rosemary returned to Chicago for a career as an art director and creative director with advertising agencies. She has continued to serve as creative director for Two Advertising and Communications. However, her quick and sure talent for capturing images also catapulted her into demand as an illustrator at fashion events and weddings.



A Rosemary Fanti sketch from a Vera Wang fashion show.


Another Fanti illustration.

Brides wishing to have their weddings captured by Rosemary’s  impressionistic hand commission her to create live sketches of their weddings. In the artist’s words, “With an illustration, you’ll look fabulous forever.”



A precious moment captured a for a lifetime.


Pinterest loved Rosemary’s tiny tribute to the ice blue Edith Head gown worn by Grace Kelly on Oscar night 1955.

Next Sunday, Rosemary Fanti and this writer will launch a new feature in which we will strive to capture each month the essence of a young, vital and attractive Classic Chicago Woman.  Subjects will be selected for career or entrepreneurial achievement, community participation and classic associations, as well as for appearance.  

“I am beyond fascinated and interested in all things Chicago and specifically historical topics,” says Rosemary, who is looking forward to documenting “the wonderful ‘Grande Dames’ of current Chicago, like Bertha Palmer was documented in her day.”


Author Photo:

Robert F. Carl