Welcome Novelties for Cozy Season

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By Michelle Crowe




Andie MacDowell wears a perfect sweater on the cover of Vogue Greece in 2021.


Where to stand on novelty knits? Are they charming, whimsical, and an insouciant way to infuse one’s wardrobe with a bit of personality? Or is giving in to the pull of an intarsia tiger a fast track to sartorial regret and overcrowded cedar cupboards?

Find the balance for a layered approach to building a wardrobe of knitwear.


La Ligne NYC is the resource for striped sweaters.


Stylish humans prioritize classic, solid-color sweaters in lush neutrals. This might mean stocking up in Scotland, going crazy in Cucinelli, or buying in bulk when a shopping trip yields a sublime sweater.

Once the basics are secured, sweater collectors move on to the classic weekend styles. Fair isle, lushly knotted Irish fisherman styles, Scandinavian patterns, rag wool dots, and jaunty stripes. These traditional treasures look wonderful at Saturday breakfast in the city, horseback riding in the hills, or on ski holidays. The sportier a person is, the larger their collection.


LL Bean sweater with the brand’s iconic Labrador and boot.


It takes strong willpower to resist one of these beauties. Following a recent article in The Atlantic that lamented the decline of sweaters and suggested online resources for buying hefty, cozy, wool sweaters knit to last for decades, both O’Connell’s, a Buffalo, New York stalwart, and Jamieson’s of Shetland have sold out of their coveted jumpers.


Ralph Lauren is the spot to shop for teddy bears and elegant dogs.


After building up suitable sweater stash for both town and country, follow your bliss.


Aqua x Kerri Rosenthal


I’m smitten with Aqua x Kerri Rosenthal at Bloomingdale’s. The collection honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is adorned with the artist’s signature stitched hearts, faces, and writing. I find the pieces evocative of my first-ever favorite designer, Patrick Kelly. For these reasons and the love with which the collection was created, I’ll scoop up a few styles. Otherwise, I’ll practice restraint and enjoy November in my classic camel turtlenecks.