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Victoria Martin
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1994-2003 post graduate at University of Chicago, Spertus Institute, Adler Planetarium, Field Museum, Zygon Center for Religion and Science: ancient-classical religion, science, iconography and languages.

1977 Master of Fine Arts Visual Media & Performance School of the Art Institute of Chicago Inventing games, board and theater, I managed a performance troupe of 12-26  people for twice-yearly performances.

1975 Bachelor of Arts, Art Education, School of the Art Institute, Chicago

1975 Illinois Teaching Certificate K-12 Art

MEDIA: by me

2011 CHICAGO LIVE! Astrological prediction performance and podcast for Chicago Tribune’s stage show based on ‘Newsmakers in Chicago’

1990-2009 Column/TV Bloomberg News weekly astrological trends forecast

MEDIA and ARTICLES: about me

2007 Jewish, Christian and Islamic Mystics (Book) by Ori Soltes my painting Sefer Ha-Razim and the Big Bang image and comment by author

2006 Tribune Magazine Learning Your Lines: Personality Sketch

2005 Hyde Park Herald and Maroon (University of Chicago newspaper) Review and Images of my solo Rockefeller Chapel exhibit

2004 Tribune Magazine, Savvy Palm Pilot: my palmreading technique

2002 Chicago Reader; Cover Story  The Sort of Psychic  Biographical Sketch

2001 Ben A r o u n d Town local PBS TV arts show  7 minute segment featured artist  tour of my studio with friends’ comments


2009 Why Art Cannot be Taught Book Review of Jim Elkin’s book Chicago Artists News

2008 Spiritual Art in Chicago Where to Show and Who to Know  Chicago Artists News

2007 Is Re-Enchantment (of the Art World) Possible?  review of Art and Religion conference at School of the Art Institute of Chicago for Chicago Artists News


2011 Visiting Artist School of the Art Institue of Chicago Performance department

2010 Science and Religion Art Workshop Lutheran School of Theology Chicago

2010 Language of Mysticism Painting Workshops in my Art Studio 20 sessions attended by friends and art education faculty2004: Focus on the Arts, Painting show and lecture Highland Park High School, Highland Park Illinois

2003 & 2004: An Artist Paints Astronomy and Creation Narratives Adler Planetarium for the Art Institute Chicago (Museum Education)

1989-Present: Training for a dozen performers in the corporate entertainment event business

1996-present Private lessons in my studio. Images of students’ work are available upon request

1975-77 Young Artists Studio Classes in theatrical stunts, character formation, make-up, and costumes:  comedy and street theater

1975-77 Teaching Assistant in Art Ed and Visual Communication  School of the Art Institute

LECTURES with VISUAL MEDIA about my paintings

2010 Star Lore and Astronomy: Art and Science Tea at 3 for the Chicago Cultural Center at Maxims

2009 How I Play with Symbols Midwest American Academy of Religion Conference

2008 Art Meets Astronomy The Ryerson Astronomy Club, University of Chicago

2007 Ten Years of Paintings  Divinity School University of Chicago

2003 & 2004  An Artist Paints Astronomy and Creation Narratives at Adler Planetarium for the Art Institute of Chicago (Museum Education)


2011 Altarpiece installation Kaballah: at Rockefeller Chapel

2010 Dreams of Healing Swedish Covanent Hospial Chicago

2009 Many Paths  Group Interfaith Show Fourth Presbyterian Church

2008 Jewish Mysticism solo show RodfeiZedek Synagogue,

2007 Koran Illustrated Rockefeller Chapel University of Chicago

2006 Koran Illustrated Christian-Muslim Conference Lutheran School of


2005 Of Mystery and Magic solo show Rockefeller Chapel University of Chicago

2004 Incantations to the Viscera solo show, Museum Surgical Science Chicago Text/Images Metaphors Heart, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys & Stomach

2003 World Spirituality and Mysticism group show @ Chicago Cultural Center

2000 Evidence for Design Religion and Science Conference, Z y g o n Center

1996 Kaballah solo show, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies


1989-present over two thousand performances at corporate events and trade shows. Handwriting Analyst, Palmist, and Motivational Speaker.

MEDIA PROFICIENTCY: Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, imovie, Internet, LinkedIn


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