Up Top





By Michelle Crowe



Jobeth Williams in a still from The Big Chill.


Do you miss your beautiful, sculptural high heels? Or has the cozy comfort of slippers completely won you over to the other side? I for one am bemoaning the fact that in a season when my all-time favorite thing to buy and wear, the bias-cut slip skirt, finally made its glorious comeback, I’m stuck on a screen where no one can see it.

Ulla Johnson is a master of the screen-friendly top.


Of course, I know this is the most minor concern in a year when people are dealing with so much. It doesn’t even qualify as a first world problem because it’s not a problem at all, just a wry observation from one who follows these things. Upon taking it all in, the way to dazzle this holiday season has less to do with those heels in the closet or shiny silk skirts and everything to do with a great Zoom top.

Such a pretty blue sweater from Club Monaco.


If your Thanksgiving or other celebration has moved online this month, forget about party pants and instead go all out with your top. Find something you love. In the most flattering color you’ve ever worn. Add some earrings. Shorten up your necklaces. Look for higher necklines—maybe something with ruffles at the neck or shoulders.

Staud blouse and necklace.


More casual gatherings call for pretty sweaters, which are the sartorial equivalent of comfort food. Don’t be afraid to wear a vintage favorite or break out something with a motif. Break out that Hermes Pheasant sweater you bought years ago for a country weekend and never wore again. This is the year for it to make a triumphant return to the table.

Isabel Marant Etoile sweater if you’ll be in the country.


Whatever will help you bring your most vivacious self to the screen is what you should wear during this season of gratitude. Because people miss you. They are delighted to see you. Most of all, they will be so appreciative of your efforts.