Uniformly Fantastic



By Michelle Crowe





dianekeatonDiane Keaton is turtleneck perfection in Something’s Gotta Give.


The covered-up quality of a turtleneck is one of those ultimate blank canvases upon which individual style flourishes. Some choose to keep it simple and unadorned. Others load up on fabulous accessories, which are set off to perfection by the simple silhouette.


alimacgrawAli MacGraw, photographed by Art Streiber for Town & Country, accessorizes her turtleneck to reflect her Santa Fe style.


Something about t-necks signals that the wearer means business.

No one wears a turtleneck when they’re in a frivolous mood. Instead, one might be studying their craft, creating a masterpiece, or leading the world into ever-more-connected digital innovations.


1-steve-mcqueenSteve McQueen, dashing in a turtleneck.


It is the uniform of the genius; Diana Vreeland and Steve Jobs come to mind immediately, but there are many more. Looking for images of Diane Keaton—a famous fan of turtlenecks if ever there was one—I came across a shot of Ms. Keaton and Nancy Meyers discussing their movie Something’s Gotta Give. Ms. Meyers, whose perfect taste we’ve swooned over here before, is wearing a black turtleneck, jeans and heeled boots, looking amazing.


dianaDiana, Princess of Wales, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.


Here in Chicago, of course, we have one more reason to love the look—it’s warm. Our favorite knit keeps the wind out and offers a cozy “cocoon of chic.” We recommend it for the bitter days of January and February and for everything from Sunday brunch to long days creating one’s own destiny.


emmanuellealtIt’s all in the details for French Vogue Editor Emmanuelle Alt.