The Warriors’ Winter Court





A toast by Chicago’s new British Consul General, The Honorable John Saville, the former Ambassador to Venezuela, commenced the celebration of early American history by members of the Society of Colonial Wars in the state of Illinois at their annual Winter Court.


The Society of Colonial Wars: Members, Officers, and Gentlemen of The Council.

A roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner at an elegant club proceeded an introduction to one of New England’s momentous colonial towns and massacre sites, Deerfield, Massachusetts, by Philip Zea, President of Historic Deerfield.


Deputy Governor, Aaron A. Barlow; Joeseph Gromacki; Philip Zea, President of Historic Deerfield, Inc; and Todd D. H. Schwebel.


Past Society Governors Howell E. Browne, David G.Linville, Robert L. Burell, and John H. Strothman with current IL Governor, Brian D. White (center).

Chicago’s lauded preservationist and philanthropist Joe Gromacki serves as Chairman of Historic Deerfield’s Board of Directors. Brian White, IL Governor of the Colonial Warriors, told of the growing interest in hereditary societies:

We find that as many members lose parents or have children of their own we have an interest and need to discover our roots and heritage of our family members and ancestors who founded this country.  

“As our National Society General, David Trebing, has said, ‘We celebrate this period of 1607-1775, which set the foundation for national diversity.’”


Peter C. Mark, Edmund H. Lester UE, and Christopher M. Straus.

Shrewdly competitive backgammon tournaments traditionally wrap up Winter Court—congratulations to first place winner, Brian Kearns, and runners-up, Christopher Straus and Ryan Ruskin, who received prizes from Historic Deerfield’s gift shop!


Brian J. Kearns, George K. Hendrick III, Barry G. Hoyt, Rodger A. Owen, and George A. Vincent III.


Philip R. May, James Field Rudwall, Louis A. Margaglione, and Thatcher Waller, Jr.

Newly elected Society officers and Council members include Robert Burell, John Strothman, Aaron Barlow, Geoffrey Euston, Dwight Cleveland, Philip May, Allen Carter, Tobin Richter, Albert Tippens, Todd Schwebel, Edward Rutledge, J. P. Beall, Samuel Badger, David Linville, Albert Van Alyea, John Bross, Howell Browne, William Parke, John Dryud, Leland Hutchinson, Louis Sudler, Jr., James Barr, Jr., Peter Mark, and Louis Margaglione.


Leland E. Hutchinson, Tobin M. Richter, Geoffrey M. Euston, and James F. Barr, Jr.


Edward K. Rutledge, Governor Brian D. White, and Stuart Zachariah Sudler.


William Beggs and John Paul Beall.


Alexander Jacobs, Albert E. VanAlyea, and John O’Hara.


McKenzie Mullins; Col. Randolph J. Belden, USA; Gregory Barton; and Sanford Boyce.


William M. Fox with Peter C. Mark.


Photo credit: Jesus Santos