The Social Register Bids Aloha to Spring







Sunny skies and 75-degree temperatures in Chicago set the tone for the annual spring cocktail party for members of the Social Register Association. Held in the magnificent apartment of longtime SR members Catharine and David Hamilton, Aloha Spring!, honoring the Social Register Foundation, drew over 140 members, many traveling from around the country to attend. Rum cocktails greeted guests as they were welcomed in the grand foyer by Christopher R. Wolf, the association’s chairman, while Chicago SR Committee Chairman, Brian D. White, presented each member with a special “SR” lapel pin.


David and Catharine Hamilton.


Ed Rutledge, Kate Rutledge, Christopher Wolf, Lyndsay Pond White, Brian White, Ryan Ruskin, and Michael Andrews.

White introduced Wolf, who thanked the Hamiltons as well as the evening’s sponsors and host committee members Edward and Kate Rutledge, White and James M. Kinney, and Ryan S. Ruskin and Michael C. Andrews for their support of the SR Foundation and generous contributions to make the evening possible, and Koloa Rum Company for its premium aged spirits. Wolf then spoke briefly about well-received progress and future plans and observed, “It’s heartwarming to hear the expressions of support for the foundation’s mission, which reflects the commitment to the SR community.”


William Parke, Rick Spain, Tobin Richter, and George Vincent.


Robert, Eunice, and Violette Buhler.


Laura Breyer, Edmund Lester, and Meredith Shields.

Guests were delighted as the party flowed from room to room through the apartment with magnificent 18th-century paneling from a French chateau, mingling over drinks and hors d’oeuvres while enjoying the residence’s breathtaking lakefront views. “What a fantastic way to spend a spring evening. The setting is just beautiful, and it’s wonderful to support the foundation while catching up with friends and meeting new people as well,” said one member.


Laura Berardocco and Tony Lamonia.


Nathan and Melinda Swift, Janet Owen, and Peggy Snorf.


Kristin and Louis Margaglione.

White later noted, “How fun it was that after the party, many of us arrived for dinner at a nearby club, and three-quarters of the guests in the dining room had all just come from the party! It’s wonderful to see the SR bring us all together . . . the world keeps getting smaller and smaller.”

Now, as the Chicago SR Committee prepares to plan for a future fête, everyone’s first question is: Where will it be next year?


Susie Kealy, Jean Perkins, and Libbet Richter.


Mary Conrad and Sandra Thomas.


Lyndsay Pond White and Suzette Bross Bulley.


Ray Drymalsky, Kathy Fox, and Bill Fox.


Rodger and Janet Owen.


Kate and Ed Rutledge with John and Amanda Rutledge.