The Service Club Gala

           A Flight of Fantasy


Sherry Lea Holson beckons guests into a great party.





By Megan McKinney


If you are in the Four Seasons Ballroom and it’s the first Friday night of November, you know you are at the Service Club Annual Gala. You can also be certain of innovative décor by Tom Kehoe and—recently–the unbeatable music of The Becca Kaufman Orchestra. What’s more you can expect women guests to outnumber the men—and they are beauties.


Simone Garcia, Sasha Sino, Laura Wallace, Pamella Capitanini and Cristina Montgomery.

Reute Butler, Bobbi Panter, Manuela  Hung and Kimberly Gleason.

Service Club President Tracey DiBuono with her husband, Joey, and daughters, Darcie and Disa.

Gala Co-chairs Dr. Spana Rathi and Sylvia Muller.

Charlie Piermarini and Jamie Thorsen.

Susan Gohl and Jonathan Grabill.

Eric and Heather Spyra.

Tom Stemwedel and Paula Borg.

Jean and Andy Antoniou.

John and Susan Colletti.

Jimmy and Eleni Bousis with Nina and Bob Mariano. 

Melinda and Lucien Lagrange.

Jim and Mary Lasky

Lyn McKinney, Sherrill Bodine and Peg Lombardo.

Myra Reilly and Marguerite Hark.

Sharyl Mackey and Candace Jordan.

Honoree Vonita Reeser and Cookie Cohen. 

Photo Credit:

John Reilly Photography