The Nineteen Forties

                       The Golden Age of Chicago Nightlife


The period during and after the war years was undoubtedly the heyday of nightlife in Chicago. After the war there were more nightclubs than you could possibly visit in a year of going out every night. As you will see in the following pages, musical theater and various entertainment venues were flourishing like never before or since.

In this edition of the series, I can’t begin to mention every theater or nightclub in the city during the 40’s – there was just too much happening. Swing music was still king and you could dance the night away to the sounds of your favorite big band in the city’s wonderful ballrooms, including the Aragon and Trianon. You could also select almost anything to satisfy your taste in entertainment: from the king of the cowboys, Roy Rogers and his rodeo, your favorite burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee, the international star Maurice Chevalier or the jazz great Louis Prima – TAKE YOUR PICK!

We hope you have fun reviewing these 12 pages of legendary entertainers and the night spots of this post war, amazing Golden Age in Chicago –THE 1940’S.






Stanley Paul


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