The Midas Touch







By Michelle Crowe



Rita Hayworth in a classic gold dress.


This is a strange little stretch of time, this week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. “What day is it?” is heard more often than usual. Getting dressed veers wildly between white tie for The Cotillion and sweater/legging combinations for card writing and present wrapping. And then there are the days when only round-the-clock pajamas will do. Throw in travel, different climates, new finds from the irresistible year-end sales and who even knows which way is up?


 Ralph Lauren Fall 2012.


By the time New Year’s Eve arrives, it can feel safest and easiest to throw on a favorite black dress and roll on out to the last best soirees of the season.

But why not wear gold?


  A cape made from a 1940s McCall’s pattern tops a lovely gold dress.


Gather the last of your holiday spirit and slip into an ensemble that makes everyone’s eyes light up and set the stage for a golden good 2019.


 Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.


Gold glimmers on Lyford Cay and glows at The Peninsula. With the exception of chain mail or especially heavy beading, it’s lightweight, looks brilliant with white, black, denim, camel or nearly any favorite color and has that movie star je ne sais quoi that one of the biggest party nights of the year needs.


Kate Moss in Marc Jacobs at a party for her book in 2012.


Whether it’s a dress, a top or a pair of shoes, we highly recommend bringing a little bling to the party.  Staying home? Sleepy Jones pajamas from Net-A-Porter are just the thing for that.

Happy New Year.


  Sleepy Jones pajama top and bottom at Net-A-Porter.