The Celestial Ball

            Across the Universe in 2016



By Megan McKinney



Adler Planetarium Women’s Board President Linda Gerstman, with her husband, Gary.

Among the guests at the 2016 Celestial Ball was Apollo 13 commander James A. Lovell, who brought an immediacy to the annual gala’s Across the Universe theme.  Captain Lovell and more than 600 other guests were welcomed by President of the Women’s Board President Linda Gerstman and 2016 Celestial Ball Chairman Jacqueline Hawwa.

A highlight of this year’s gala was the Adler Planetarium’s presentation of the 2016 Corporate Partner Award to the S&C Electric Company. President and CEO Kyle Seymour and Chairman John Estey accepted the award on behalf of the company for its generous support of ATLAS (Adler Teen Leaders Advancing STEM). Mr. Estey was further recognized for his continued leadership and service as a member and former Chair of the Adler’s Board of Trustees. 


Craig Fox, Patti Shuma, Marilyn Lovell, Capt. James A. Lovell, Jr., Susan Lovell and Perry Georgopoulos. 


Adler Planetarium President and CEO Dr. Michelle Larson with Board of Trustees Chair Scott Swanson.


2016 Celestial Ball Chair Jacqueline Hawwa.


Greg Hendricks and WFLD-32 meteorologist Tammie Souza.


Adler Board of Trustees Chair Scott Swanson with wife Rhonda.


Lisa and Gary Moze.


Brandon and Colleen Dobell, Anne and Darren Snyder, and Danielle and Shea Goggin.


Russ and Betty Roberts.


Gastone and Linda Celesia with Erin and Andrew Johnston.

Photo Credit:

Adler Plantetarium

Author Photo:

Robert F. Carl