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Astrologer’s Almanac May 2-May 8, 2021 -Enter Gübelin’s wondrous world of Pink Saphire

=Victoria Martin



By Victoria Martin



Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead


Enter Gübelin’s wondrous world of rare colored gemstones @gubelinofficial
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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

Almanac  May 2 thru May 8, 2021

Highlights This Week


April 28- May 2 FORECAST Many forecasters and predictors glimpse the future or speculate in a futuristic manner. There are radical actions and novelties available. ADVICE This is a time for a direct download or link up to innovative, ingenious ideas. Some strange behavior or eccentric ‘acting out incidents’ are likely side manifestations.

Sun Conjunct Uranus 

Sunday, May 2

All day FORECAST Compelling tales and high production values will likely match sophisticated tastes and urbane issues. It seems time to vent tragic stories as a showcase for immense talents.  ADVICE Consider the audience, elegant arenas, and hot political dialogs.

Mercury trine Pluto

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Here’s the finger on the pulse of the motives, goals, and zeitgeist for various groups. ADVICE Also, tune in to the portraits of individual psyches, VIP passions that are portrayed and evident.

Moon conjunct Pluto

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Events shine a spotlight on major trends for the current 21st-century context. ADVICE This accentuates tragedy and other dramatic scenes. An interesting story can captivate but also point to solutions.

Moon trine Mercury

Monday, May 3

All day FORECAST Humor is woven into elaborate stories. Multiple levels of appeal may be a key to popularity. ADVICE However, some of the best options may not seem viable nor fun at first.

Mercury Square Jupiter

Second of three days FORECAST Conflicts of interest and semi tricky choices are in progress. A trial and error mode could work. ADVICE The bright side is: challenges appearing now are friendly to revisions. So tweaking may be fortunate.

Sun square Saturn

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Sensational healing and miraculous solutions are partially supported by new technology. ADVICE However, hands-on experiences and in-person events create a complete, multidimensional, positive effect.

Moon square Uranus

Afternoon FORECAST A serious mindset and somber mood are at hand. This will carry forth tradition and point out true authorities on current trends and subjects. ADVICE Act with timeliness and harmonize with duties. This will show innocence and enhance mutual respect.

Moon conjunct Saturn

All Day FORECAST Here’s a summary of the highlights and accomplishments from the past three weeks. ADVICE Happening now is a special focus on the pros and cons of manifestations that occurred during the full moon April 24 – 28. This includes lessons on grace, virtue, & outreach.

Last Q moon

Tuesday, May 4 

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST The usual pleasantries may not satisfy. Tastes are highly developed. Connoisseur standards are demanded due to a savvy audience. ADVICE Convince your group it’s time to try something new. This could be a Renaissance in the making.

Moon Square Venus

Third of three days FORECAST Intake and output strategies are enriched via use of advice/consulting wonder-workers. Good examples from past and present are invoked. Creativity is a remedy for boredom. ADVICE Focus on prep methods: inspiration and set up. Glory and good energy emanating from historical reenactments and festivals are the ultimate reward.

Sun square Saturn

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST The luckiest day of the month could include a recipe for true happiness. ADVICE Setting up reasonable challenges and goal achievement bring satisfaction. Consider offering help to powerful people and gather with or contact your peer group.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST A comedy of errors is unfolding. This is something that everyone can relate to. ADVICE Consider that popular entertainment features can put forth proverbs or teach significant/utopian themes.

Moon Square Mercury

 Wednesday, May 5

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Options to rally support for leaders and gain special insights occur via community participation. ADVICE Progress is supported by use of company policy and branding. Good synergy brings new solutions; there is flow and spontaneity.

Moon trine Mars 

Thursday, May 6

All Day FORECAST Relationships work through tragedy or process other dramas. Passions develop and assist mighty evolution. ADVICE Arts gain interest and patron’s support is available for the asking. Everyone gets inspired.

Venus trine Pluto 

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST A transcendent lift off happens, yet the story and pathway is tricky. Narratives hold deep meaning. ADVICE It is best to not go too far afield nor get in too deep waters. Avoid bad energy and shun toxins.

Moon conjunct Neptune 

Friday, May 7  

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Coming up against competition means a test of strength or correcting faults in policy/dogma. ADVICE Prepare for a bit of an obstacle course.

Moon square Mars 

Saturday, May 8

ALL DAY FORECAST Triumph supersedes tragedy; there is great joy and encouragement. ADVICE A natural attraction to powerful and influential people is worth a try.  Ok to be a helper backstage or invisible/anonymous supporter.

Venus square Jupiter  

Highlights May 2021 

May 9-13 FORECAST There are mixed feelings regarding the new and different. Elite groups seek new members and cultivate plans about inventions or update general direction finders. ADVICE Special digestion or processing becomes vigorous and interesting.

New Moon Phase

May 24-28 FORECAST Rethinking strategies could lead to a better plan. Consider factors of popularity points gained. ADVICE Use military tactics combined with empire-building methods, Keep your heart set on benevolent results

Full Moon Phase @ Scorpion’s heart Lunar Eclipse  May 26 

June 7-12 FORECAST Therapeutic exercises could highlight miraculous methods including special roles for females. ADVICE Aristocratic bearing and service-oriented ambitions enhance success potential. Use those postures if possible New Moon Phase AT Bull’s Horns contains an annular (ringed)

Solar Eclipse     June 10 


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