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The New Classics






By Michelle Crowe



An editorial shot from the 1980s has real 2021 energy.


This is such a lovely time of year. The farmers markets are filled with the most delicious fruits and vegetables of the year. There are still long weekends during which we can get out on the lake or at least enjoy dinner with a view. And, while no one wants to climb into a sweater or coat quite yet, the glorious September issues are out, filled with pages upon on pages of styles we might make our own. Likewise, our beautiful stores are stocked with the treasures that will become our new favorite things to wear.

Like most things, the fall shopping experience feels a bit different that it did two or three years ago. Before, your fall wardrobe might be completely ordered by June, just as you set off for the lake house, the mountains, or some exotic adventure. Perhaps some of us still placed all those pre-orders and are now being rewarded with packages, parcels and pick-ups filled with sweaters, coats, blouses, and the shoes featured on the pages of those glossy magazines.

Those who skipped pre-ordering because of a sense of uncertainty and our Chicago pragmatism have a rare opportunity to add a few pieces into their wardrobes with intention, mindfulness, and a true sense of self.

There are some wonderfully fun trends this fall; sequins for day, wild color combinations, apres-ski sweaters to collect like candy, and the very best little black dresses.

As we steer our way toward 2022, some fresh takes on classic style really make sense for whatever comes our way.


Proenza Schouler fall 2021 suit coat and pants.


The Suit Coat

Designed to be worn and fully appreciated outdoors, swapping out a blazer for an elongated topper is the head-turning, suit innovation we didn’t know we needed. There is truly nothing better than feeling polished while briskly striding along through a cool autumn breeze. This version of a suit will be smashing if any events are moved outdoors. Add a blouse and you’re sitting pretty at the lunch table while cutting a cool figure to and from the club.


The Ulla Johnson Frida tunic.


Witty Knits

Sweater girls we will forever be and now our cozy jumper might just come with an exquisite matching maxi skirt. Or maybe it’s a full-length dress that feels divinely comfortable and can also be worn out to a groovy dinner.


Oscar de la Renta dress.


Pattern Play

Mysticism, baroque romantic florals, even the paintings of the Louvre adorn ensembles this fall. These playful patterns are so cheerful, catnip to event photographers and sure to find a place in your permanent collection.


Bottega Veneta bag.


A Little Pouf

A puffy coat, a cushy bag, something with softness and spirit feels right for times with too many hard edges.