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The University of Chicago’s Return to Normalcy


By: Jacqueline Roberts




COVID changed how many things operated last year, but one category that was extremely affected by the shutdown was education. Last year, universities operated at minimum to zero capacity for on campus programs. As a student who attends the University of Chicago, my freshman year last year looked a little different: remote learning, limited dormitory capacity, weekly COVID testing, and take-out dining services. But a year has passed by, and the world is coming together again. For the University of Chicago, this means in person classes with masks, activities and athletics are outside and in person, and spoons, forks and real plates are back on the table. Friday October first was the University of Chicago’s undergraduate RSO Fair where students gathered to learn about clubs.

Classes are back in session meaning the qaud is always bustling


Activities outside with friends can happen again!  Here is a photo of the sunrise off of lake Michgan near Promontary Point.

61st Street Farmer’s Market is still going strong. Apple season is here!

It’s good to feel life outside of our rooms, but as a COVID student on a college campus I was used to working remotely and returning back to the norm is a little daunting. There are so many people on campus and so many exciting types of stimuli to get used to. It makes us all realize how the human body and mind is capable of adapting to the ways of the world. So while it is exciting to have a normal college experience, it is tiring at the same time. But I think we all feel a little of that in our lives right now… types of stimuli to get used to