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By Michelle Crowe


Warm and Wonderful x Rowing Blazers Black Sheep Sweater

What are the odds that everyone watching season four of The Crown went on a good hunt for their Black Sheep Sweater if they were in fact, the proud owner of this iconic 80s item. It seems as though anyone who wasn’t able to find their original placed an order through Rowing Blazers for a fresh take on the classic. The waitlist is long but worth the wait for fans of wit, whimsy and woolens.

Designed by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne for their label then called Warm and Wonderful, now known as Muir and Osborne, the sweater is pure Sloane Ranger / Preppy Handbook delight.


Women’s Magazine covered Diana and the famous sweater at a 1980s polo match


The New Yorker reports that Rowing Blazers designer Jack Carlson began working with Muir and Osborne more than two years ago on a reboot of the cheeky style. Handmade in Portugal, the 2020 black sheep sweater is perfect for those who remember it the first time around and for those who don’t. There’s a men’s version too.


Actress Emma Corrin wears one of the last originals from the archives of Muir and Osborne in The Crown


While waiting on delivery or for those who prefer to keep to a black and white palette, Daniel Levy’s Schitt’s Creek character, David Rose, is of course, the ultimate sweater inspiration.

Like the black sheep sweater, many of David’s finest knits have been recreated by Etsy sellers as sweatshirts. This is charming, but totally not in keeping with the over-the-top nature of David’s designer choices.


Dan Levy in a perfect holiday sweater for David Rose


After a stressful year, this is the moment to embrace a comforting knit, especially one that brings a smile to everyone who sees it.

For those who can’t get enough Princess Diana or royal-adjacent content, join us right here next month when we catch up with India Hicks, bridesmaid, goddaughter of the Prince of Wales and entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Until then, enjoy the holiday season in a favorite sweater.