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Astrologer’s Almanac May 30- June 5~ Schlumberger® Royal Fish




By Victoria Martin



Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead

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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

May 30 -June 5, 2021

Highlights This Week 

May 28-30 FORECAST Really charming and valuable would describe conversations and compositions emerging at this time. ADVICE Use this opportunity to do writing, make calls, or make notes of emerging ideas.

Mercury conjunct Venus 

May 30-June 1

 FORECAST Here is really exciting inspiration, alchemical transformations, and great stories. ADVICE Surf the flow. Get in on the scene/circle of your choice.

Mars Trine Neptune

Sunday, May 30   

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Witness charm that encases profound wisdom. ADVICE This is a good time to make art, declare love, rate value or show beauty.

Mercury Conjunct Venus 

Afternoon–Evening  FORECAST Active learning and participation events are offered. ADVICE Harmony is strong now, so take advantage of that to manifest extra grace or friendship.

Moon Trine Sun

Night-Wee Hours   FORECAST Surprise developments are awkward but could provide enlightenment. Happy endings or solutions are the goal. ADVICE Improvisation, humor, and contrary posturing are lift-off points.

Moon square Uranus

Night-Wee Hours  FORECAST A most serious time is perhaps too grim for some people. ADVICE Even if facing reality is forced, coming back down to earth can be a relief.

Moon Conjunct Saturn           

2nd of 3 Days FORECAST Flow is accomplished via functions at the highest potential. ADVICE Attunement to the big picture of humanity puts everything in perspective. Complex plots and mysteries will remain elusive but interesting.

Mars Trine Neptune

Monday, May 31

Afternoon–Evening  FORECAST Lucky or happy orientation works well even if that demands emotional discipline or faking self-confidence for a while. ADVICE Good role models are helpful, also joining others in the same boat offers camaraderie.

Moon Trine Mercury retro

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Expressions of love, art, or money are favored. ADVICE This is a good time to propose projects, make deals, or fix agreements.

Moon Trine Venus

3rd of 3 Days FORECAST Inspiration can strengthen and/or bring out talents. ADVICE Activate skills and use symbols. Mythic elements paint an accurate picture of current mindsets.

Mars Trine Neptune

Tuesday, June 1

Morning FORECAST Events and moods bring an upbeat, fortunate time, and options for advancing benevolence occur. ADVICE Take advantage of opportunities ASAP. Be generous.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Wednesday, June 2

All Day FORECAST Here is an incentive to summarize the past 3 weeks. Options permit some conclusions. ADVICE Ask around to learn what is registering with others as value, truth, or beauty.

Moon square Sun Last quarter moon  peak effect is at sunrise

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST A magical, mesmerizing time frame when psychic or mystic experiences occur. ADVICE Perhaps it is best to take things in stride, not be overwhelmed, and yet dance to the music.  Moon Conjunct Neptune

Night-Wee Hours  FORECAST Legends, documentaries, or testimonies offer perspective regarding the difficult aspects of human nature. ADVICE A purge of negativity may be a priority via tolerance, humor, or elimination. Be a good sport and emphasize the positive.

Moon square Mercury Retro

Thursday, June 3

All Day FORECAST Two types of leaders are featured radiant-creative and traditional-structured both sorts are in agreement. ADVICE Emotional stability, an influx of tradition, and solid discipline will be easy and helpful.

Sun Trine Saturn

Afternoon–Evening FORECAST Energetic inspiration sources and meaningful perspectives are offered. ADVICE Use special insights as a competitive edge and the ultimate enhancement.

Moon Trine Mars 

Afternoon–Evening  FORECAST Events make an impression on family, clique, or community. ADVICE Visions from high and low can’t detect what’s going on. It’s a feeling of harmony that provides direction often called follow your heart.

Moon Square Venus 

All Day FORECAST A keen sense of direction assists expansion of paradise and bigger and better versions of bliss. The best possible community cooperation and productivity is emphasized. ADVICE This along with great luck, and joy completes the perfect picture.

Venus Trine Jupiter

Friday, June 4

1st of 3 days FORECAST Dynamic healing and superhuman feet turns firing. Extra power is available. ADVICE Tap into teamwork inspiration or comingle ambition for greater commitment and results.

Mars Opposed Pluto

Saturday, June 5

All Day FORECAST Leaders take on marathon assignments. ESP is active but you may need clarification. Inspiration goes overboard and could use some reeling in. ADVICE Body and psyche and ultimately test each other’s findings to reveal the truth.

Mercury retrograde Square Neptune

2nd of 3 days PEAK FORECAST Contests call for a strong mind and body but also a bit of sorcery. ADVICE The magic occurs when people join forces. ADVICE It helps when there is a mutual mission and shared sophistication.

Mars Opposed Pluto

Afternoon–Evening  FORECAST Here’s the chance to turn compulsive disorders into perceptions that yield a better plan. ADVICE Obsession-like mania can be useful! De-emotionalize and bring about new combinations. Unity or dialogue between diverse opinions is a catalyst.

Moon Square Pluto

Afternoon–Evening FORECAST . Catching up people Flash individuals with contrasting skills or linking groups with different opinions is a vivid exercise. There are many reactions: intense competition and turf claims factor in. ADVICE Hope for an outcome of cooperation; set that up by offering a plan as well as incentives and rewards.

Moon Square Mars

Highlights Next Week 

June 4-24 FORECAST This is the main challenge for 2021: where schemes to bridge past to future are pulled at each end: tradition and novelty. ADVICE Perhaps a bit like the Silver-Gold proverb: make new friends but keep the old.

Saturn Square Uranus

June 7-12 FORECAST Therapeutic exercises could highlight miraculous methods including special roles for females. ADVICE Aristocratic bearing and service-oriented ambitions enhance success potential. Use those postures if possible

New Moon Phase AT Bull’s Horns) Solar Eclipse     June 10

   By Victoria Martin

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