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Astrologer’s Almanac September 12-18, 2021 ~a time of festivities, climax and revelation



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Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead         

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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

 September 12-18, 2021

Highlights mid-September 

September 18-22 FORECAST It is a big turning point dawning; winners are selected for important leadership roles in family, community, and beyond. ADVICE Do your best. Be a good sport and use special talents to make a soulful impression.

Full Moon Phase Near Autumnal Equinox 

Sunday, September 12

All Day FORECAST A super ambitious time yet improvisation is welcomed. Feedback is useful in terms of rewards and harvests but also bills or dues. ADVICE Chance occurrences have deep meaning. Strategy is key. Personal life development seems trivial, but it’s worth the effort to make it wholesome.

Moon at perigee conjunct South Moon’s Node 

Monday, September 13

All Day peaks at sunset FORECAST A sense of what will succeed –and how to help that along– is presented. ADVICE Conclusions after exams are key to making a hit when the moon is brightest 

September 18-22. This will be a time of festivities, climax, and revelation. ADVICE Since it is now the week after the New Moon Sep 4-8  — a phase of beginnings– there is now an option to enhance current (budding) projects. Intrigue is a plus! Ultimately the goal is to serve the community, family, and inner circle.

Moon Square Sun First Quarter Moon

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Intuition is paired with animal instincts. The results are keen observation skills. An emphasis on self-preservation will avert weakening and/or help each person shun temptation. ADVICE Virtuous outlook posture may be simply due to avoiding indulgence, bad thoughts, or snarky behavior.

Moon Square Neptune

Tuesday, September 14 

All Day FORECAST The best options/happy endings include a synthesis or balance between sensuous-earthy and ceremony-spirituality. Hybrid dramatics, new art inventions, or propagandas are in the mix. ADVICE For those people who get bored easily –or for relationships featuring/leaning on mystique glamour– signs are they may need other fortification. ESP is active and dreams will tell you who to see or call.

Sun Opposition Neptune

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Lots of powerful tools are lined up with consideration for targeting, use of magnetic draw, or proper elemental placement. ADVICE Other crucial factors are physical strength. That may need a boost via exercise and help from organizing capabilities.

Moon Square Mars

Wednesday, September 15

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Local interests, regional styles, or clan customs morph nicely with timely innovations. ADVICE Figureheads and intake specialists set the pace. There is success after hard factual assessments and smart work.

Moon trine Uranus

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST It is possible to get deep into the reason, motives, and effects of legends and lore. Some may be uplifting others toxic. ADVICE Know the physical and psychological effect of traditions– both practice and philosophy– via an exam of outcome and comparing notes with peers.

Moon Square Mercury

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Traces of 21st-century sophistication are detected even in the most traditional, classic, or natural settings. ADVICE Expect a bit of competition in terms of everyone acting as if they were experts! However, creativity and harmony arise if the audience and performers alternate roles.

Moon trine Sun

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Really profound insights develop now that typically hidden motives, evidence, and reactions come to light! ADVICE Pay attention if someone or something reveals a secret!

Moon Conjunct Pluto

Thursday, September 16

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Miracle workers and healers team up with scholars and initiators to get things going. This is a timeframe that can produce much positive output and generate enthusiasm. ADVICE Take matchmaking seriously since team chemistry is probably a top priority for success.

Moon trine Mars

All Day FORECAST Traditional rituals, and classic events, and admirable traits upload nicely into 21st-century contexts. It is a good idea to re-prioritize a hip style and modern ethos. ADVICE Some patterns, themes, and ideas are eternal. Those are the ones to use—along with trimmings and trappings—of the here and now.

Sun Trine Pluto

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Miracles of culture and science gain new outreach life via glamorizing them a bit. ADVICE Even if it takes extra effort, enhancements add value and appeal. Use beauty, tout true virtues, and insert framing or packaging.

Moon Square Venus

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST  A very dignified and serious demeanor improves odds for success and advances ambitions’ fruition. ADVICE Devotion to a good cause adds the finishing magic touch. Respect for elders and tradition is helpful.

Moon Conjunct Saturn

All Day FORECAST Surface level appeals—as well as character strengths– get glossed over/a makeover. This is due to the insistence upon the adoption of altruism and idealism. ADVICE It is a good idea to be charming and well dressed anyway but emphasize the ability to advance humanitarian and scientific value systems.

Venus Square Saturn

Friday, September 17

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST A militaristic forcing and added physical strength is a compliment to magical-like powers and legendary attributes. ADVICE Applied science and technology are useful too.

Moon Square Uranus

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Lucky circumstances favor those prepared with ample knowledge of culture and science. ADVICE Be willing to accept a project or job that contains a bit of a challenge. That is the happiness formula; challenges achieved or mild difficulties/feats overcome!

Moon trine Mercury

Saturday, September 18 

1st of 5 days FORECAST Clues about what the climatic factors could be used especially as galvanizers, attractors, and coalescing agents. The goal is to build a cohesive and meaningful community. ADVICE Aim to unify a group via mutual interest rallying points. Advocate tolerance for other people’s eccentricities and individual goals.

Full Moon Phase

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Lucky hunches– as well as fortunate offers– are here now but maybe not forever. ADVICE Jump on favorable options ASAP. Be generous and distribute good leads to those deserving and your peer group.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Highlights Late September

September 22  2:20 PM CDT FORECAST The week of equal day and night measures/times call for a sublime balance. Inner and outer, planning and luck or religion and science are contenders. ADVICE Consider the state of body and soul, work and play, individual and social.

Autumnal Equinox

September 24-26 FORECAST Charm and knowledge make the treatments for illness or poverty so much sweeter. ADVICE There is rugged, hard work to be done yet everyone is in the can-do spirit.

Mars trine Saturn

September 27 FORECAST The focus on culture, science, and academia is also interested in useful products from those realms. ADVICE A closeup exam and marathon mode make this a productive–yet overwhelming —3 weeks’ time for media and communications. Mercury Stations begins Retrograde motion till October 18


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