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Sapphire Floral Brooch

Astrologer’s Almanac July 25-31~Outreach and adventure are available.

By Victoria Martin


Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead

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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

JULY 25- 31, 2021

Highlights This Week

July 21-25 FORECAST Acts and judgments are showing sorcery, majesty, and mystique. Iconic, respectable, and venerable could describe those people in the spotlight now.  The question is do you cultivate affection or awe? ADVICE Just about everyone can acquire special powers now, but most come with high maintenance. There is much special discipline and dedication required to fulfill visions, aspirations, and expectations.

Full Moon Phase @ Saturn/Pluto Midpoint   

July 28-30 FORECAST Expect to witness strong assertions, commands, and orders. Most find positive reception. ADVICE There is teambuilding and good fortune on the menu. Appointed and anointed impresarios are friendly.

Mars opposed Jupiter

                                                                      Sunday, July 25                                                                           

Fifth of Five Days FORECAST Very good intentions may bring a need for strategy and discipline. ADVICE To manifest enchantment and/or power be very realistic. Especially smart to be accurate regarding expectations of people, places, and things.

Full Moon Phase 

All Day FORECAST Current mores, trends, and fads/styles in communities are influential even for intimate settings, ADVICE Pick out interesting facts, ideas, and data as the first step. Then put new concepts in a political, psychological, financial, or sexual context.

Mercury Opposed Pluto

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Building physical or martial/corporate strength is timely. ADVICE Become inspired by talented people. Connect to respected leaders and anyone with a generous heart.

Moon Opposed Mars

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST This is a very fortunate, upbeat timeframe that includes visions of paradise. It’s time to use ways and methods to maximize the best possible life. ADVICE Offer help to majestic rulers. Also assist kingpins, matriarchs, or anyone in charge.

Moon Conjunct  Jupiter

Monday, July 26

Morning FORECAST Amazing teams are made of wounded healers and art therapists. ADVICE We can combine nurturing and social/aesthetic skills to enrich intuition.

Moon Opposed Venus

Tuesday. July 27

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST The most visionary and sensitive time of the month presents inspiration but also some confusion. It’s a good time to write the story, paint a picture, or do a little dance ADVICE Avoid intoxicants and stay away from dangerous situations. Strive for clarity.  Use dreams, myths, and mysticism to enhance productions.

Moon Conjunct  Neptune

Wednesday, July 28

1st of 3 days FORECAST A great spirit of enterprise is tangible. Outreach and adventure are available. ADVICE Good results to those who are strong and on a lucky trail.

Mars opposed Jupiter

Morning FORECAST Here’s a focus on what will inspire a gathering of community and ignite happy activities. ADVICE Participation and tolerance are key elements for success.

Moon Trine Mercury

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST The mood lifts up and brings great encouragement. ADVICE A deep knowledge of or commitment to subjects/themes at hand will power attraction. It is a good time to attend gatherings, events, and pageants.

Moon Trine Sun

Thursday, July 29

2nd of 3 days FORECAST Potent impulse to make something or creativity encourages production. Some bragging or lavish showmanship are in the picture. ADVICE Luck in the form of donations and contributions are forthcoming.

Mars opposed Jupiter

Friday, July 30

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST It seems right to create innovation and novelty. However many appealing combinations are unsustainable or impossible. ADVICE It’s important to configure the new into a super sophisticated 21st-century ethos. Go for potentially or proven teams with great savvy in the mix.

Moon Square Pluto

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Outsiders team up with social, academic, and fraternal organizations. ADVICE It’s possible to create marvelous combinations! However, a crash course in charm school or modern etiquette is optimum.

Moon Trine Mars

Saturday, July 31

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST The task is: turn rich– yet raw—sources into meaningful experiences with a lesson embedded. ADVICE A compelling story, proverb, or take-home wisdom is desired.

Moon Square Mercury

Morning FORECAST It’s time to wrap things up from the last three weeks. ADVICE A summary and rating on what happened during the serious and strategic full moon phase July 21 – 25 is in the works.

Moon square Sun Last quarter moon

(visible during sunrise at sky’s zenith) 

Morning –Afternoon FORECAST Rich and renowned sources may not fit the current agenda or 21st-century master plan. ADVICE Cooperation and augmentation vis-à-vis wonder-workers agenda and magical people’s mentality is in prime time.

Moon Square Saturn

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Earthy, historic, social, or scientific mainstays fit well with cooking up some soul food. ADVICE Art, music, dance, literature and creative fodder have a magic touch due to a show of great beauty and love.

Moon Trine Venus

Evening- Night FORECAST Super scintillating people and experiences are featured on the agenda. It’s possible to use attraction principles to pull in the masses. . ADVICE The trends lean towards sophistication and a bit of super smartness. There are new ways for Alpha types to import, absorb, or feed the projects at hand.

Moon Conjunct Uranus

Highlights Next Week

August 1-3 FORECAST Two types of leaders come to view: radiantly creative vs. traditionally organized. ADVICE The contrasting authority figures could either team up or compete with each other.

Sun Opposed Saturn

August 6 -10 FORECAST Creativity demands devotion, historical context, and strong leaders. The request is: excel, go beyond past experiences, and coax the best out of yourself. ADVICE Set up supplies. Have your assignment firmly in mind. Then go wild!

New Moon Phase square Uranus

By Victoria Martin

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